Thursday, April 10, 2014

St. Simons - Final Post

I took the boys out to the beach hoping to get some cute photos of them looking handsome.  You know...looking at the camera, smiling, enjoying each other.  Yeah, that did not happen.  Oh well.  I'll try again when my photography assistant (aka Jeremy, aka Daddy) can stand behind me making them laugh.  

Even uncooperative and grumpy, they are cute little boys!

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Tully Family said...

You won the free ebook I was giving away on my blog! I just noticed that you left a post on CM about feeling in a rut- I'm so thankful that you won & I hope this ebook encourages you. You can message me on CM (my profile is tullyfamily) or leave a comment on my blog with your email & I'll be sure to have Courtney send it to you. :)

I notice that you live in Georgia! Fun- we do also. :) I'm a mama & hobbyist too- I look forward to watching your progress also.