Thursday, May 1, 2014

Easter Dinner

This post is a few weeks late, but better late than never!  On Easter, we hosted several families for an Easter Egg Hunt and dinner.  We had 27 total people at our house (12 adults, 15 children) and it was wonderful!  The kids had an Easter Egg Hunt in the back yard and then we had a pot-luck dinner followed by lots of running, laughing, swinging, chasing, and all around good times!

This was one of my favorite nights ever with friends.  It was just a really fun, relaxing, entertaining night!  The weather was absolutely perfect.  Last year, we had started doing Easter Dinner instead of Easter Lunch so that no one is rushed out of church and kids can get naps on time.  And, this works so well for us at this stage in our lives!  We had everyone over in the late afternoon and everyone was able to go home and get kids to bed at a decent time.  And, after all of the running and playing, they were out like a light!  Perfect for everyone!

Most of those at the Easter Dinner do not have family here in town.  Holidays that would be spent with family if they were in town are now spent with friends.  Friends have become special to us like family.  They are our family here.  And, we are so thankful for our friends!  And, so thankful that we were able to spend such a special day in our faith with so many amazing friends!

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