Saturday, May 24, 2014

The End of Kindergarten (A Few More)

Connor had a Kindergarten performance on Thursday night to celebrate the end of the year.  He did such a great job!  The two classes sang songs about the "Wonders of the Sea".  The kids were assigned sea animals like crabs, angelfish, and octopus and each group of animals had a poem and a Bible Verse that they recited together.  Connor was an Octopus.

Each child had a "partner" that they were to make sure made it to the microphone.  Connor's partner was sitting down when Connor was headed to the microphone, so he was so cute when he knelt down to instruct his friend what to do.  He took his partnership responsibilities seriously!

 "Having eight arms can be useful.
You may think it looks a bit funny,
But it helps me to hold all my children
And tickle each one on the tummy."

"Let every creature praise His Holy Name."
Psalm 145:21

After the songs, the director called each child's name and they went to their teacher to receive a certificate and a new Bible.

The highlight of the day was that both sets of grandparents came for the performance as well as Mackenzie!  Mackenzie and her parents (Christie and Dave) are moving to South Carolina and were closing on their house on Friday.  So, Christie dropped Mackenzie off in Augusta on her way to the closing so that she could spend the weekend with my parents.  The boys LOVED having her in town.

Connor had a fun water-gun fight with Mackenzie outside and then Kyle had a great time playing on the playground with Mackenzie.  We are looking forward to seeing them more often!

The last day of Kindergarten was Splash Day!  Connor had a great time playing with his friends.

Goodbye Kindergarten!  We now have a first grader!  Although, I might still call him a Kindergartener until school starts in August!  I don't want him to grow up any faster than he has to grow up!

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