Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Life!

Summer means swimming and playing in the water, so I really wanted Connor to learn how to swim this summer (as I've mentioned before).  I thought it would be a torturous experience for him, me, and the swim teacher, but I was determined that he would at least need to learn to doggy paddle to the side of the pool in case he fell in the pool.  Ideally, I wanted him to be able to swim and have fun as he grows up, but I honestly could not see it happening.  I knew that if he could get over his fears of water in his face and his fear without a life jacket that he would be able to do it, but I didn't know how difficult that would be for him or for the teacher to overcome.  Thankfully, he did amazing!  He went from scared to put his face in the water, scared to let go of the edge without a float or life jacket to swimming everywhere, swimming underwater for dive rings or other toys, and jumping off the diving board!!!  And, he did all of this in just a few lessons!  We have been so proud of all he accomplished this month.  His pool life has changed drastically and he loves it!

Here are a couple of pictures from Saturday when we went swimming with Beth's family at her parent's pool.  At first, he wouldn't jump in from the diving board, but throughout the day, he ventured further and further down the pool jumping in and he eventually started jumping in from the diving board and he loved it.  Then, we couldn't get him to stop!

These were taken before he figured out he could do the diving board.  I'll have to get some diving board pictures next time.

Life Changing Summer for him!

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