Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This is How We Change the Sheets

Whenever I take the sheets off the beds to change them, Kyle always wants to jump on the bed.  Sometimes, I let him!  Especially if he lets me take pictures!

Connor let me snap a few of him, too!

And, this is the outcome of an attempt at a picture of the two of them!

I love these two!


We were able to spend the day with Mills on Monday and somehow, I did not get any pictures of the boys with Mills!  But, at least I know that "next time" will come sooner than it used to come.  Jane Anne, Rob, Mills, Andrew, and Davis are moving to Thomson, only 30 minutes from me!  Rob is the new head football coach at Thomson High School.  They are returning to Thomson after 10 years away!  Mills and Rob have been in Thomson for a few months and we have seen them a few times.  Jane Anne, Andrew, and Davis have been back and forth throughout the summer, but with school starting soon, they will be here full-time very soon.  We cannot wait to be able to see all three boys play sports and just be around them all more!  

After lunch with Mills and Rob, Mills went swimming with us.  Connor and Kyle had such a great time swimming with him!

Kyle is playing with (possibly killing) a bug here...

After swimming, we played at our house and then Jane Anne joined us for dinner.  It was a great day!  I love having family closer!  We are looking forward to many more dinners with them!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Little Guy

After we dropped Connor off at tennis camp this morning, Kyle and I headed to a walking path that I had seen, but never visited.  I love "exploring" with Kyle and he was sweet enough (with a little lollipop bribe) to let me take a few pictures!  He was really hoping to find some snakes and alligators, but thankfully, we did not (although this area had signs warning of them)!

The bribe!


Thankfully, we did not find any alligators or snakes (although, I had already imagined grabbing Kyle and running if we did!), but we did find this beautiful bird.  First, we saw it fly overhead as we started our walk.  Later, we saw it in this swampy area.  I think it is an egert, but I don't know for sure.

And, he had to make a slingshot with a rubber band he found!

It was such a fun time with my little guy!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Playful Saturday

We spent some time in the backyard playing on Saturday afternoon.

Then, we went and picked up a pizza and took it to the park for a picnic.

After the picnic, the boys played on the playground for awhile.  The "new" park had a new playground addition, so they were thrilled to get to play on it (along with the rest of Columbia County)!  The park was packed, but it was such a nice night to be at the park!

Such a fun Saturday!