Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Little Guy

After we dropped Connor off at tennis camp this morning, Kyle and I headed to a walking path that I had seen, but never visited.  I love "exploring" with Kyle and he was sweet enough (with a little lollipop bribe) to let me take a few pictures!  He was really hoping to find some snakes and alligators, but thankfully, we did not (although this area had signs warning of them)!

The bribe!


Thankfully, we did not find any alligators or snakes (although, I had already imagined grabbing Kyle and running if we did!), but we did find this beautiful bird.  First, we saw it fly overhead as we started our walk.  Later, we saw it in this swampy area.  I think it is an egert, but I don't know for sure.

And, he had to make a slingshot with a rubber band he found!

It was such a fun time with my little guy!

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