Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Fourth of July

We had a wonderful Fourth of July!  We were so blessed to spend the day with friends that treat us like family.

We spent the afternoon swimming with Beth's family, her brother's family, and her parents at her parent's house.  The kids enjoyed sparklers and some small fireworks and we all enjoyed some delicious food!  It was a great way to spend the day!

Connor really enjoyed jumping off the diving board and trying new tricks!

Kyle isn't ready for the diving board yet, but he had a blast swimming all day long!

Popsicles are always a big hit!

The boys have never done sparklers before, but they really enjoyed them!  Connor has a healthy fear of fire.  He was even nervous about candles on his birthday cake this year, but after some encouragement, he loved the sparklers.

Watching the fireworks...

We did all of the fireworks before it was dark because it doesn't get dark around here until after 9:00.  Everyone else went home to put tired kids to bed at a decent time, but we decided to join Annette and Jordan's family at the yogurt place for some yogurt and after-dark fireworks!  

We had a wonderful day!  It was such a fun, friend-filled day!  And, we are so thankful for our freedom to be able to celebrate with friends!  We are so thankful for friends like Jonathan (Beth's husband) and Jordan (Annette's husband) who have served our country and for all the others in the military now or in the past that have done so much to make our country safe and free!

Happy 4th!

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