Saturday, August 30, 2014

Five Year Pictures

I took five year pictures of a friend's little boy last night.  He was so sweet and such an adorable little boy!  He is a big UGA fan and he loves his UGA jersey right now, so she wanted a few pictures in his jersey.  All the red and black almost broke my camera, but the pictures turned out cute!  :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fun Run

Connor's school has done a fundraiser during the past couple weeks asking for pledges or donations which ended today with a "fun run".  The kids ran up to 35 laps and some people pledged based on the number of laps completed (others just did a flat donation).  35 laps, even on a small track, seemed like a whole lot for a six year old to run.  And, Connor is not usually much of a runner.  So, I expected him to run a few laps, drink some water, then walk some.  

Connor shocked me though!  He ran all 35 laps, plus a couple more.  After 35, they stop counting, but he did run a few more after he completed the 35.  And, he really did run the whole time except for a couple of water breaks and when they told everyone to walk for a minute.  He did awesome!  I was really proud of him and his dedication!

I realized when I walked up to the run that I had forgotten my big camera!  Oh well!  I took a few pictures with my phone, instead.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Skelton Family

I took photos for some friends on Saturday night.  I was able to get some shots that I think they are happy with, but the session did not go as well as I would have liked.  It was hot.  Georgia in the summer in August kind of HOT!  Plus, incredibly humid due to a chance of rain all day.  Within minutes we were all sweating.  Their sweet little girl is about a year and half old, so keeping her attention was difficult.  But, overall, she did great!  I hope they will let me have a re-do when the weather is cooler!

As always, click on the collage to make it larger!

Friday, August 8, 2014

First Day of K3!

Kyle's first day of K3 was yesterday!  He has the same wonderful, amazing, sweet teacher that Connor had when he was 3.  Mrs. Head is just the perfect teacher for the first year of preschool!

Here is Kyle with Mrs. Head at Open House.  I forgot to bring my camera (or phone) into school, so Jonathan Harper took some pics with his phone for me.  Kyle was not in a smiling (or cooperative) mood as you can see.

And, these were taken before heading to school on Thursday.

And, one from school on the first day!

And, just to reminisce a little, here is a link to Connor's first day of K3 three years ago!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We Have a First Grader!

I have dreaded this day for the past two and a half months.  Actually, I have dreaded this day for the past six and half years.

Today, I sent Connor off to school.  To big school.  To all day school.

Excuse me a moment while I go cry and scream and whine some more!

Goodness!  How is it possible that my sweet baby boy is in first grade?!

 On Monday night, we went to Open House at his school and met his teacher.  Her name is Mrs. Harper!  With a cousin named Harper and a best friend with the last name Harper, he will definitely not have any trouble remembering his teacher's name!

This morning, he woke up ready to go.  He was definitely a little excited!

I walked him in today.

And, I really hated to leave him in that big kid desk for a whole day!

But, I did it.  And, he did great!  He said that his day was great!  He loved it, actually.  I wanted to know every detail, but typical boy, he did not want to give me all of the details.  "It was great" was supposed to be enough for me!  I am glad he enjoyed it and I hope that he has a great year.  There is a part of me that hopes that this school year flies by so that I can have him with me every day during the summer.  But, there is another part of me that hopes that it goes very slow so that he doesn't grow up anymore than he already has!  

How is he in the first grade already!  Shouldn't he just be starting K3!?  How is it possible that Kyle is the one starting K3 tomorrow?! 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

2014 White Family Beach Trip

Oh, what a wonderful week we had!

We headed to Grayton Beach, Florida along 30A of the Gulf Coast and enjoyed a wonderful week with Jeremy's whole family.  It was a really great week!  The kids all had such a great time together and all five were so well behaved all week.  

We enjoyed time on the beach, playing in the "river" (a lake fed into the ocean right by our house), kayaking in the ocean, digging in the sand, viewing old pictures/slides from Grandmother and Granddaddy's collection, riding bikes, eating shaved ice, shopping, eating lots of great food, and so much more!  The five cousins really have such an amazing time together and they play so well together.  Every time we leave after spending time together, I wish more and more that these five cousins could grow up living closer to each other and seeing each other more often.  But, when they do get together, they always pick up right where they left off and they have such a great time together! 

Warning:  This post has LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of pictures!  If you make it to the end, I hope you enjoy them!

On the day we arrived, we got to the house before everyone else and could not get into it yet, so we headed down the road for ice cream.

Once we got into the house, the others were not there yet, so we headed down to the beach.  We did not have bathing suits on so I told the boys that they could get their feet wet, but not to go any further into the water.  Well, as you can imagine, that lasted about five seconds.  By the time we headed up to the house when Mimi, Bobbles, Andy, and Abby arrived, they were wet up to their chests!  I did not take my camera out with me, so unfortunately I don't have any pictures of them, but it was one of my favorite memories of the week!

After changing clothes, Kyle played a little ball with Uncle Andy.

Then, he and I played in the sand at the bottom of the stairs for a while.  He loved digging in the sand!

Over the week, we had so much fun on the beach!  On the first morning, Millie was very unsure about the sand, but once she got down, she loved it and she had a great time!

The big guys brought an Xbox (one of their favorite pasttimes) and the little kids got in on the fun a few times!

I love these next few because I love the genuine laughter and smiles on Harper and Connor's faces as they play hockey against Uncle Andy.

One of the highlights of the trip was kayaking.  We rented a two man kayak for the week and it was a huge hit!  The kids and the adults really enjoyed it!

One of Millie's favorite things to do on the beach was to snack.  One morning, Millie was on the beach with us, but Kevin and Lee were not out there.  She saw that I had given Kyle a snack, so she came over to me and asked for a "nak", aka snack.  I, of course, gave her something and from then on, she would find me on the beach and ask for a snack, even when Lee was on the beach!  She knew who would never say no to her!

One of the highlights for the kids was playing in the "river".  There was a lake (named Alligator Lake) near our house and it fed into the ocean right near where we were on the beach.  It was shallow and the kids really enjoyed playing in it.  Millie especially loved it!  She would swim and jump and splash all over!




One night, I took pictures of my family on the beach.  I am pretty happy with them!

Ahhh!!!  I love this one!

I love my family!!!

Doesn't he look like a little model!?

And, another night, I took some pictures for Lee of her girls.  They are three gorgeous little girls!

I LOVE this one!!

At this point, Millie was DONE.  We continued trying to get some shots, but she put her thumb in her mouth and did not want to smile at all.  Oh well!

One night I decided to try to do silhouette pictures.

I LOVE this one of all five grandchildren!  

Whew!  If you made it this far, you are probably a relative (most likely a grandparent) to one of these precious kids!

As you can see, it was a wonderful week!  Thank you, Mimi and Bobbles, for this amazing week!  We really enjoyed every minute of it.  We are so blessed to be able to take this vacation every year and our kids are so blessed to know such love from so many family members.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We love you!