Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fun Run

Connor's school has done a fundraiser during the past couple weeks asking for pledges or donations which ended today with a "fun run".  The kids ran up to 35 laps and some people pledged based on the number of laps completed (others just did a flat donation).  35 laps, even on a small track, seemed like a whole lot for a six year old to run.  And, Connor is not usually much of a runner.  So, I expected him to run a few laps, drink some water, then walk some.  

Connor shocked me though!  He ran all 35 laps, plus a couple more.  After 35, they stop counting, but he did run a few more after he completed the 35.  And, he really did run the whole time except for a couple of water breaks and when they told everyone to walk for a minute.  He did awesome!  I was really proud of him and his dedication!

I realized when I walked up to the run that I had forgotten my big camera!  Oh well!  I took a few pictures with my phone, instead.

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