Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

IPad Mini Raffle Fundraiser

We are excited to launch our first Adoption Fundraiser!  We are going to raffle off an IPad Mini (16GB WiFi in Space Gray).  For every $10 donated between September 21 and October 11, you will receive one raffle entry.  For $30 and $50 donations, you will receive bonus entries!  So, enter as many time as you want!  

$10 = 1 entry, $20 = 2 entries, etc.
$30 = 4 entries and $50 = 6 entries

We will draw one winner on Sunday, October 12th.

You can donate using the PayPal Donate button on the right side of our blog.  This is a safe, secure way to donate.  If you live in the Augusta area, I will be happy to pick up your donation or if you live in the LaGrange area, my mom will be happy to pick up your donation! Just let me know if you prefer this donation method. You can mail it, too.

We will be happy to mail the IPad to the winner if he or she lives out of town!  Please share this raffle with your friends!  Please spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media you use!  You could call a few friends to tell them about it or email them a link to our blog.  We want to spread the word in order for our raffle to be a success!

We are so thankful for the support we have received so far!  Please continue to pray for our adoption process and fundraising efforts.  Thank you for your support!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Week of Photos

1st Soccer Game of the Season:

Uncle Kevin bought a new XRT950 from Club Car last week and came to town to pick it up.  He brought it over Monday night for the boys to take a ride.  They had so much fun visiting with Uncle Kevin and riding his new toy!

One night, the boys and I headed over to the park for a little bike riding.  Kyle enjoyed running more than riding!

Have a great week!

Adoption Update

First, I would like to make you aware of the new DONATE PayPal button on the top right side of the blog.  You can safely donate to our adoption using the PayPal link.  Also, I have been asked if donations can be made in a tax-deductible way.  As of right now, no.  However, after we complete the Home Study, we are able to apply for grants, matching grants, and a fundraising account that would be tax-deductible.  This will take some time to set up if we are approved for one through Lifesong.  However, if this option is available in the future, I will let you know on the blog.
We have been spending time working on hours and hours worth of educational training and writing our autobiographies for our Home Study visits.  I had my medical done this past week and Jeremy will have his done soon.  We are getting all of the items ready that are needed for our Home Study!
We ate dinner last night with a family who has adopted from China and Ethiopia.  It was wonderful hearing their adoption stories and seeing their pictures/video from their trip to China to bring home their daughter.  Our children had a great time playing together and the adults enjoyed talking about adoption and watching some football!
One of the things that we have done to help raise some money for our adoption is consignment.  We sold a LOT at one of the semi-annual consignment sales last week, as well as a little bit more to friends and to Kid2Kid.   Every little bit will help bring home our precious child!

We are so thankful for some generous donations that we have received this week!  Thank you for all of the support and prayers!  We announced our adoption plans just over a week ago and we have been so blessed by the support and love we have seen from our friends and family who are so excited for our journey.  Thank you!
We hope you are having a great week!

Friday, September 5, 2014

An Exciting Announcement!

Dear Family and Friends,

We are excited to announce that we are pursuing ADOPTION!  We will be adopting from China and we hope to have a little boy or a little girl in our arms in late 2015 or early 2016. 

Why adoption?  There are over 147 MILLION orphans in our world.  That is 147 million children who do not know the love of a mommy and a daddy.  Although adopting one child does not put a dent into the orphan problem in the world, there will be one less child who does not know about love and home and family.  God speaks of adoption and his love for the orphan throughout the Bible.  He even states that we are “adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ” (Ephesians 1:5).  He also directs us to care for the orphans and widows (James 1:27).  Though there are many ways to care for the orphans and widows, we have been led to pursue adoption at this time.  Since before we were married, we have discussed adoption and have been interested in growing our family in this way at some point.  Over the last two years, we have earnestly prayed and sought God’s will in growing our family and we believe that now is the time to adopt.  We are excited to see God work in the life of our family as we work towards adding a son or daughter, a brother or sister, to our family.

Will you help us?  There are many ways that you can help us as we bring our child home.  First, we ask that you pray for us.  Pray for our son or daughter that is waiting on a forever family.  Pray that God will “set the lonely in families” (Psalm 68:6).  Pray for God to remove all roadblocks from our process.  Pray that we will raise all of the funds needed to complete the adoption.

We want each of you to be a part of this important, exciting time in our lives.  Please follow our family blog at to keep up with our journey.  We will be updating it regularly.  If you would like to know more about the adoption process or our decision to adopt, please feel free to email us at  

In addition to praying for us and following our journey, we ask that you will consider donating to our adoption fund or consider assisting us with a fundraiser.  International adoption is expensive – we anticipate spending over $36,000 to bring our child home.  Although the cost is high, we believe that God will provide us with the means to adopt.  We will use our personal savings, as well as funds received from tax returns, donations, fund raising, and grants to complete the adoption process.  If you feel led to donate or help with a fundraiser in some way, we would greatly appreciate it and we will be grateful for even the smallest donations to assist with our adoption expenses.  We plan to launch our first fundraiser, an IPad Mini Raffle, in the coming weeks.  Please check our blog often for updates! 

Above all, we thank you for your prayers and support!  This process is complicated and extensive, but it will be completely worth it when we are holding a precious child that God has given to us.  We are so thankful for so many friends and family that love our family.  We look forward to updating you as we continue to grow our family!


The White Family

Jeremy, Kasey, Connor, and Kyle

Answering a few questions you may have...

So, where are we now in the process?
We have completed the first home study visit.  We have completed background checks and fingerprinting for the GBI and the FBI.  We will have two more home study visits and one more home study phone call over the next few months.  Between now and the 2nd home study visit, we will complete an extensive autobiography, work through several hours of online education, read a book, get medicals for ourselves and pediatrician reports for the boys, and complete several other items.  There are a lot of t's to cross and i's to dot along the way!

What agency are we using?
We are using Lifeline Children's Services.  They are a Christian adoption agency with an outstanding reputation in orphan care and adoption.  They are very experienced with the adoption process for China.  We have known several families who have used Lifeline for their international adoptions and who have been very pleased with the services provided.  We researched other agencies, but we felt that Lifeline was the best fit for our adoption.  You can learn more about Lifeline at

Why China?  Why international adoption?
We have been thinking about adoption since before we were married eleven years ago.  We have always known that at some point we would like to adopt.  About two and a half years ago, we started seriously praying about adoption and researching the different avenues, as well as praying that God would reveal the right time for us to start an adoption.  We knew that we were not looking to adopt a newborn.  We felt led to pursue a toddler or preschool age child.  In order to adopt a toddler or preschool age child domestically, we would have to adopt a child that was placed in foster care.  We researched the possibilities through our local DFACS office, but we were discouraged in the process because of their goals for reunification with the biological family.  Reunification is the right thing for many children and many families have grown their families by adopting children out of foster care, but we did not feel led to pursue this option at this time in our lives.  After this research, we continued to research adoption internationally.  We felt that this was the direction God was leading us.  There are many countries with experienced and successful adoption programs.  Some countries have longer processes, while others have shorter processes.  Some require longer stays in country than others.  Some have older children available while some have younger children available.  After reviewing many different countries requirements and processes, we decided that China was the best country for us.  We are so excited about growing our family through adopting a child from China!

Let us know if you have any questions!

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come for you.”  
 John 14:18

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kyle Quotes

Kyle has said several things lately that have cracked me up, so I wanted to write them down for my own sake of remembering him at age 3!

On Monday afternoon, he went to the grocery store with me.  When we got home, he excited said, "Daddy, Mommy bought me my favorite kind of corn!"  I had bought candy corn!!  :)

One day recently I told him no to something and he said, "You're not nice!"  And, I responded with, "Yes, sometimes Mommies are not nice."  His response was, "But, Daddy is always nice!"

He has been learning his letters and the sounds that every letter make.  So, he has been trying to think of words that start with a certain sound to tell me what letter the word starts with.  Today, he said, "Mommy, I know a word that starts with d.  Duck starts with d."  Then, he sounded it out "Duh, duh, duck" to show me how the d made the "duh" sound.  I've been so proud of him figuring out what words start with what letters.  A few minutes later he said, "Mommy!  I know another word that starts with d."  Then, "W starts with d."  "Duh, duh, double-u!"  Hahahaha!!!  Smart kid!!

He is such a funny little three year old!  I really love this age (most of the time)!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Photo Slacker!

I took fewer photos in the month of August than I have probably ever taken in one month's time (or at least since I've had kids)!  I will definitely do better!

Labor Day was spent at the pool with friends!  We met up with two couples and their kids at the pool for several hours.  The kids and the adults had a really nice time!

Last night I noticed that Connor's first permanent tooth was coming in!  But, his baby teeth are still there, too.  The permanent tooth is coming in at an pretty bad angle, so I called the dentist to see if they could see him soon just to check it.  We had to cancel a cleaning a couple of weeks ago (when Kyle threw up in the post office, but that's another story!), so they were due for a cleaning anyway.  I called this morning and they were able to fit both boys in for a cleaning this morning.  If I had waited for an after school appointment, they would not be able to see him until March or April, but I pulled him out for an hour and they were able to see both of them today!  Before heading inside, I wanted a couple of pictures of Connor just in case the dentist wanted to pull the baby teeth.  I wanted one last picture of his baby teeth!

Thankfully, though, the dentist said that his teeth are slightly loose, so he doesn't want to pull the baby tooth.  He said that he hopes that the permanent tooth that is coming in at an angle will correct itself as his tongue pushes the tooth into place and the baby teeth come out.  So, Connor and Kyle just ended up with cleanings.  They did a great job!  And, while they waited for the dentist to come look after the hygienist had cleaned their teeth, they sat in the chair together watching the movie that was playing on the TV. 

Do not be fooled by this picture.  Two seconds later they were pushing each other and saying that they didn't have room in the chair!

We hope you are having a great first week of September!

Monday, September 1, 2014


Mills is playing quarterback for the ninth grade football team at his high school and now that they live closer to us, we get to go to more games!  He is also the place holder for field goals for the varsity team.  A few weeks ago, the varsity team played a scrimmage game in Evans, so we went.

On Varsity, Mills is #10.

Andrew and Davis are the ball boys!

Don't let this photo fool you.  Kyle did not sit all nice and content in Sunshine's lap for long!  He was up and down and up and down and up and down the whole time!

And, last Thursday, we went to his 9th Grade Team game.  He is #2 on the 9th Grade Team and played quarterback.  They won!