Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kyle Quotes

Kyle has said several things lately that have cracked me up, so I wanted to write them down for my own sake of remembering him at age 3!

On Monday afternoon, he went to the grocery store with me.  When we got home, he excited said, "Daddy, Mommy bought me my favorite kind of corn!"  I had bought candy corn!!  :)

One day recently I told him no to something and he said, "You're not nice!"  And, I responded with, "Yes, sometimes Mommies are not nice."  His response was, "But, Daddy is always nice!"

He has been learning his letters and the sounds that every letter make.  So, he has been trying to think of words that start with a certain sound to tell me what letter the word starts with.  Today, he said, "Mommy, I know a word that starts with d.  Duck starts with d."  Then, he sounded it out "Duh, duh, duck" to show me how the d made the "duh" sound.  I've been so proud of him figuring out what words start with what letters.  A few minutes later he said, "Mommy!  I know another word that starts with d."  Then, "W starts with d."  "Duh, duh, double-u!"  Hahahaha!!!  Smart kid!!

He is such a funny little three year old!  I really love this age (most of the time)!!!!

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