Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Photo Slacker!

I took fewer photos in the month of August than I have probably ever taken in one month's time (or at least since I've had kids)!  I will definitely do better!

Labor Day was spent at the pool with friends!  We met up with two couples and their kids at the pool for several hours.  The kids and the adults had a really nice time!

Last night I noticed that Connor's first permanent tooth was coming in!  But, his baby teeth are still there, too.  The permanent tooth is coming in at an pretty bad angle, so I called the dentist to see if they could see him soon just to check it.  We had to cancel a cleaning a couple of weeks ago (when Kyle threw up in the post office, but that's another story!), so they were due for a cleaning anyway.  I called this morning and they were able to fit both boys in for a cleaning this morning.  If I had waited for an after school appointment, they would not be able to see him until March or April, but I pulled him out for an hour and they were able to see both of them today!  Before heading inside, I wanted a couple of pictures of Connor just in case the dentist wanted to pull the baby teeth.  I wanted one last picture of his baby teeth!

Thankfully, though, the dentist said that his teeth are slightly loose, so he doesn't want to pull the baby tooth.  He said that he hopes that the permanent tooth that is coming in at an angle will correct itself as his tongue pushes the tooth into place and the baby teeth come out.  So, Connor and Kyle just ended up with cleanings.  They did a great job!  And, while they waited for the dentist to come look after the hygienist had cleaned their teeth, they sat in the chair together watching the movie that was playing on the TV. 

Do not be fooled by this picture.  Two seconds later they were pushing each other and saying that they didn't have room in the chair!

We hope you are having a great first week of September!

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