Friday, October 17, 2014

Camping and Fishing

Monday and Tuesday were Fall Break from school, so Jeremy took Monday off and we took the boys camping and fishing for the first time!  They had a blast!  Connor was a trouper with his broken leg and was able to get around really well.  They both loved fishing even though we didn't catch anything (the spot on the lake wasn't really a great fishing spot, but it was a good spot to teach them what to do).

They were SO excited!

When we pulled into the campground, the campground man (I don't know what you call him) told us that it was really windy on the lake and if we wanted to move campsites to let him know.  We were doubtful because it wasn't windy at all when we left home (15 minutes before).

However, he was right!  That little spot had incredible winds that day!  But, we made the best of it.  The next morning was much less windy and more comfortable.

Helping set up the tent:

The boys really enjoyed fishing.  Although, since we didn't catch any fish, maybe I should say that they really enjoyed casting!

To keep Connor's cast dry, we had to put plastic bags over it while we were fishing.  And, we kept a sock over it the whole time to keep his toes clean!

We made smores over the campfire, which was a big hit for Connor.  Kyle just wanted to eat plain marshmallows!

The next morning, we went fishing again.  This time they fished in their pajamas!

I LOVE this one in black and white!

Camping is definitely not my favorite thing, but it was fun to watch the boys enjoy it so much!

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