Thursday, October 9, 2014

Whew! What a Week!

Last Wednesday was Kyle's birthday and we had a great day celebrating all day long!

We started the day out by going to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.

For lunch, Kyle and I met some friends at Chick-fil-a for lunch, play, and cupcakes.  We are so thankful for such amazing friends!

We are so thankful to have Jane Anne's family living near us now.  Jane Anne, Andrew, and Davis came to our house for dinner the night of Kyle's birthday.  Sunshine and Granddaddy came to town, too, and Sunshine made her famous spaghetti for Kyle's birthday dinner (his request!).  The boys had such a great time with Andrew and Davis and I am so thankful that we get to celebrate birthdays with them now.

It was a wonderful birthday!  Kyle really had a great day and was so blessed by friends and family!

Thursday started off with more celebrating.  I went to Kyle's school with donut holes for Kyle's birthday breakfast at school.  He loved being the center of attention!

Thursday evening, we went to watch Mills plan 9th grade football.

On Friday night, we were able to go to the Disney Live Pirates and Princesses Show!  We had not planned to go, but Beth's kids ended up sick and unable to go, so they offered us their tickets.  I hated that they did not get to go, but I am so thankful that we were given the opportunity.  The boys were not very interested in the princess part (although they didn't take their eyes off the stage!), but the absolutely LOVED the pirates part!

On Saturday, we headed Connor's soccer game.  These shots were taken towards the beginning of the game.

A few minutes later, Connor and another kid collided and kicked each other.  Connor went down and starting crying.  Jeremy whisked him off the field to check the situation.  It didn't seem like a big deal.  He was tired and tends to exaggerate injuries, so we thought it was nothing and that he should get back on the field.  But, he refused.  He said he couldn't walk on his leg.  After the game, we went home and he spent the day off his leg.  We thought it should be better and really still thought it was not hurt as bad as he was acting like it was hurting.  There was no bruising or swelling.  But, that night, while he was sleeping, I went into his room and moved his ankle around a little.  He moaned and seemed to be in pain, so we realized he was not exaggerating like we thought.  I called his doctor on Sunday morning and he said that it was unlikely a break since 6 year old's do not typically kick hard enough to break something.  He figured it was just sore and he'd be fine.  But, he told us to come in on Monday if he stilled wouldn't or couldn't walk.  So, on Monday morning, we headed to the doctor.  After looking at it, he still thought it was just sore and that he should be able to walk soon.  He sent us for x-rays, though.  I looked at the x-ray (they gave me a copy on a disk) and didn't think there was a break or anything.  His ankle looked fine (and that's what we thought was wrong).  But, Monday afternoon, the doctor called and said that he was shocked, but that Connor's lower tibia had a crack!  I went back and looked at the x-ray focusing on the tibia and saw the crack, too.  He referred us to the Pediatric Orthopedic doctor at MCG.  Unfortunately, they could not see him until Wednesday morning!  So, he spent Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday scooting around and being carried!  On Wednesday morning, Jeremy took him to the doctor at MCG.  The doctor decided that he needed a cast for a month (hopefully not longer).  He has crutches for now, but should be able to walk on the cast soon.  He's getting around really well on the crutches and has had such an amazing attitude the entire week!  Once he got over the initial injury, he was remarkably good about it.  He has learned really quickly how to use the crutches and is doing great on them.  The Physical Therapist that taught him how to use them was impressed with how well he picked it up.  He was still shaky on them when I took him to the last half of school on Wednesday (he's already missed Monday and Tuesday), but when I picked him up, he was doing awesome with the crutches!  The school suggested that we get a wagon to cart him to and from his class in the morning and afternoon since his class is in the back of the school.  Using the crutches is exhausting, so the wagon will help conserve his energy!  Eventually, when he is really good with the crutches, we'll probably go back to doing car line, but for now, we will use the wagon.  We used it this morning for the first time and it worked well! 

So far though, he's doing really well with his broken/cracked tibia!  We are really proud of him and his good attitude!  

So, as you can tell, we have had a busy, exciting week!  But, we are thankful for good health for us and our children.  A broken leg is not fun, but there are so many worse things that he/we could have.  We are so thankful to be happy, healthy, and safe!

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