Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Week

We made Halloween a week long event!  And, enjoyed it so much!

On the Saturday before Halloween, we went to the Fall Festival at one of the local churches.  Kyle was too little to ride one of the rides and Connor cannot do inflatables with his broken leg, but overall, they had a good time!

On Tuesday, we carved and painted pumpkins after Jeremy came home from work.  This is always a fun night at our house.  Jeremy does a great job carving the pumpkin every year and the boys painted (well, Connor drew with Sharpies) on their pumpkins.

For days, Connor's top left tooth was hanging by a thread, but he would not pull it. It was hanging at a strange angle and made it weird to talk and eat.  I asked him to let me take a picture of his smile with his tooth hanging on.

Two seconds after the picture above was taken, the tooth fell out!

He lost his first tooth!

On Wednesday, Kyle and I went to our church's fall festival.  Connor did not go because the event is mostly inflatables, which he cannot do with the broken leg.  So, Jeremy took him to Stevie B's and they played arcade games!

Kyle had a great time dressed as Iron Man and he loved being in character when he talked, stood in line, and posed for pictures!

Thursday was Kyle's class party. He had a good time!

And Friday, was Connor's class party.

After school, Connor lost his second tooth!  He had a bottom tooth that was hanging by a thread, but would not come out.  It was laying sideways in his mouth!  And, the bottom two big teeth have already come in, but he had not lost either of them.  Finally, the first of the bottom teeth came out just before we went out for the night.

And, finally, on Friday night, our Ninja and our Iron Man went Trick-or-Treating!

And, as the night of trick-or-treating ended, the silliness started!

As you can see, we had a really great Halloween week!  It was fun for all of us and we had a great time spending the week doing fun things together!

I love my little Iron Man and Ninja!

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