Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Playing at Sunshine and Granddaddy's

One of the boys' favorite things to do at my parents' house is to go around their neighborhood, which is a circle, on their bikes, scooters, big wheel, tricycle or little car.  We did not bring bikes on this trip, so they used a scooter, a big wheel, tricycle and a little car. 

This little care was bought over 6 years ago for Connor and has been put to good use.  Kyle is probably too big for it now, but he loves to be pushed around in it and to push it himself.  He also loves to be pushed up my parents driveway and let go so that he rolls backwards.  Hopefully, little brother or little sister will get to use it in a year or so...if Kyle hasn't broken it yet!

One of their favorite things is for Kyle to push Connor around on the little tricycle. Connor is probably about 3 years and 25 pounds too big for this little tricycle, but they had the best time on it this week!  Kyle would run and push Connor all the way around the circle. And they would laugh and laugh and laugh!

Look at those smiles!

Fun days at the Williamson house!

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