Tuesday, December 2, 2014


We were so thankful to get to spend Thanksgiving Day with my parents AND Jeremy's parents!  Jeremy's parents came down to LaGrange for Thanksgiving Day.  It was so nice to spend the day with both families this year.  I really hope that they will join us again!

After several days in LaGrange, we headed up to Atlanta on Thanksgiving afternoon for the rest of the weekend.  We did some serious Black Friday shopping and had a great time enjoying everyone's company!

Millie's Mad Face

Millie's Happy Face

We celebrated one of the White Family's favorite holidays...Thanksmas!

And, after a lot of playtime with cousins, this cutie was needed a few minutes of quiet, alone time in our room.  He was so sweet and just talked and talked to me.  And, he let me snap a few pictures of him while we talked.

We hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Thanksmas!

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