Sunday, January 11, 2015

A White Christmas

We had a wonderful "White Christmas"!  No, we did not see snow, but we enjoyed a week in Huntsville with the White family!

On our first day there, Kyle and Bobbles built a bow and arrow.  

Then, as soon as it was done, Kyle asked for a shield, too!  So, of course, Bobbles got to work.

 We had Christmas with the kids one morning and Christmas with the adults that night.  Then, we did stockings the next day.  It was so much fun to see the kids open their presents!

Is Millie so cute!?

And, this one is such a mess!

Mimi made Clark Kent/Superman shirts for the boys!  She bought button-up shirts for them and removed the buttons.  Then, she sewed the buttons back on the outside of the shirt.  Then, she put velcro on the shirt so that it would close.  Then, with a Superman shirt underneath they can open their button-up shirt like Clark Kent does!

Mimi, these were a big hit!  They loved showing them off at school on the first day back!

Another favorite was the light saber!  All five of these kids, including Millie, were sword fighting and light saber fighting all week!

Look at these cuties!

Mimi made FIVE layered cakes and put fondant on them.  There was one cake for each kid to decorate.  So, one afternoon we headed down to the basement where she had set up a table with cakes and decorations.  The kids each got to decorate their own cake.  Later, we cut into the cakes and each cake was a different flavor!  The kids and grown-ups enjoyed tasting their creations!

To keep clean, Mimi had gotten Bobble's old shirts for the kids to wear. 

The kids love having Mimi read to all of them before bed.

It was a really fun Christmas in LaGrange and Huntsville!  We are so thankful for our families!

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