Sunday, January 11, 2015

Connor's Birthday

I am only a couple of weeks behind in posting this!  Oh well!  Better late than never!

We celebrated Connor's birthday in Huntsville on January 1st, but we celebrated it in LaGrange before we left LG.

On Connor's birthday, he asked to have lunch at Connor's in Huntsville.  It is a nicer restaurant there (nicer as in it is a restaurant that takes reservations and uses cloth napkins vs. our typical fast food fair with the kids!), but since it bears his name, he always wants to eat there.  So, we did!

And, on his birthday afternoon, we enjoyed cupcakes and presents.

Once we returned home, we met up with Jane Anne, Rob, Mills, Andrew, and Davis one day for a birthday lunch and then we did a birthday dinner with the Harpers (Austin and Anna Liz).  It was a week of celebrating!

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