Friday, January 23, 2015

Noonday - You're Invited!

One of my friends, Nancy Scott, is a Noonday ambassador.  Another friend, Melissa Widener, has offered to host a Noonday show at her house to benefit our adoption!  The show will be at Melissa's house on February 7th and if you are local, we would love for you to join us!  However, whether you live near us or across the country, you can start shopping today, January 23rd.  25% of every sale between today and February 12, 2015 will go to our adoption fund!

So, if please go to Nancy's Noonday page and check out all of the awesome jewelry and accessories!  If you are interested in making a purchase, choose Nancy Scott as your ambassador at checkout and type "White Family" as the trunk show name.  If you order before February 1st, you do not have to pay sales tax.  They will start charging sales tax on all purchases starting February 1st.

We hope you will check out the website.  Every little bit helps us bring our son or daughter home!

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