Thursday, February 26, 2015


We are DTC today, February 26, 2015!  Dossier to China...That means that our dossier is being sent to China today.  Our agency will upload our dossier to the CCCWA today and ship the hard copy to China today.

So, now we will wait on our LID, which is our Logged In Date.  Our logged in date is the official date the China logs our dossier into their system to begin their translating and approval process.  This could take 1-3 weeks probably.  Once we are LID, our agency can refer a child to us that is a LID only child, which are typically more minor, correctable needs than the Special Focus children that we can see now.  

If we receive a referral (aka a match) soon that we chose to accept, we could travel in 5-7 months (some estimates are 4-6 months, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up!).  However, we may take a long time to find our child, so we could end up not traveling for a while.

So, please pray that we will be logged in quickly.  Also, please pray that we will find our child very soon!  We cannot wait to bring home the child that God wants for our family!

DTC = One Step Closer!

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