Tuesday, March 24, 2015

In Process of Translating

Our case worker called today to tell me that we are now showing in the CCCWA system as "In Process of Translating".  So, they are translating our dossier to Chinese (Mandarin I believe).  This is the first step after being logged into the system in the LOA process.  This will take several weeks I think.  

Just so you know, these are the steps in the LOA process:

Registered: the dossier has been logged in
In Process of Translating: the dossier is in translation
In Process of Review:  the dossier has been translated and is in review
To Be Matched: the dossier has been reviewed and will transfer to the matching department
Matched: the family’s dossier has been matched with the child’s file and the Letter Seeking Confirmation will be issued next
Seeking Confirmation:  the Letter Seeking Confirmation has been issued

The Letter Seeking Confirmation is the letter we will receive that we actually call LOA.  It becomes LOA officially when we sign it.  The letter is seeking confirmation that we still want to be matched with that particular child.  Once we sign it, it is a letter of approval that we are approved to adopt that child. 

So, since we have not matched with a child at this point, our dossier can only go so far in the process before it cannot go any further.  Our dossier can be translated and then it can be "In Process of Review", but it cannot go to the matching department until we have a child to match it with.   

This is all just part of the process, but I like documenting each step for my own records!

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