Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Last week was Spring Break, so we decided to visit LaGrange for a few days.  However, on the way there, I wanted to do something special with the boys.  I decided to take them to LegoLand at Phipps.  And, I decided to make it a surprise.  When we left the house, I told them that I had a surprise for them, but I wouldn't tell them anything else.  As we got to Atlanta, I told them that I needed to go into a store at the mall to look for something (which I did) and then we would have lunch and that I would tell them the surprise later.  We went in a store a Phipps and looked around and then headed to the Moe's in Phipps.  On the way to the center of the mall, they looked up and saw the sign for LegoLand.  I asked Connor if he would like to go there sometime and he said yes. I said, "What if going there was the surprise?"  And, he said, "Is it!?"  He was very excited to go!  He remembers the last time he went, but Kyle didn't, so he wasn't sure what to expect.  But, they both had a great time!

Look at Kyle peeking over the ramp!

So after we had played for a little while, I received a text that the second part of their surprise was there.  I asked Connor, "Would having your best friends here make today even more fun?"  Of course, he said yes and I said, "Austin and Anna Liz are about to be here!"

Connor loved karaoke!

While Connor sang, Kyle got up and did a quick dance!  The pics are blurry, but it was so cute!!

Kyle looks like a love-struck groupie in this picture!

The 4D movie was short and a little strange, but also really neat because it snowed and rained on us in it!

Overall, it was a great, fun surprise!!!

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