Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Steed's Dairy

Every fall, we love visiting Steed's Dairy Farm.  It is one of our favorite fall activities.  It is not open for the public except during the fall, but they do host various events during the rest of the year.  Last spring, our church hosted a Life Group Leader Appreciation Night there.  We had such a great time, so I had hoped that they would do the same thing this year..and they did!  It was Sunday night and the weather was wonderful!  The boys had such a great time!

Look at the beautiful sky!

Connor could have spent the entire time on the jumping pillow!  Last fall, Connor broke his leg just as fall was starting, so we put off going to Steed's until he had his cast off.  However, he still was not cleared for jumping, so he could not do the jumping pillow.  He definitely made up for it on Sunday!

The zip line was definitely a big hit!

Isn't this just the sweetest!?  Connor just put his arm around Kyle's shoulder on his own.  Such great brothers!


Such a fun night!  Thank you, Warren Baptist Church, for a great, family night of fun!

While we were there and as I edited these pictures, I kept thinking of how excited I am that our third son will be with us the next time we go to Steed's!  I cannot wait to take him to Steed's this fall!

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