Saturday, May 30, 2015

First Week of Summer Break

We had a great first week of Summer Break!  Monday was especially nice because Jeremy was able to stay home!  We went to the pool a couple of times last weekend with Jeremy and then on our own once this week.  We joined the same pool that we have joined the last few summers and it will be extra fun this summer because several of our friends joined too.  We have already run into friends a couple of times at the pool and we plan to have some fun "playdates" there over the summer!  We spent time outside, we went to one of Mills' summer baseball games, ate lunch with Jeremy, and played, played, and played!  It was really nice to have a week with no plans!

The weather has been cloudy and a little rainy, but we have had some good times playing outside this week, too.
For some reason or another, I only took this one picture of Connor outside on this day.

Happy Summer!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Are Connor and Kyle going to China?

There is one question that we are asked all the time.

Are the boys going with you to China?

Well, right now, the answer is still the same as it was when we started this process.

We don't know.

We have always hoped to be able to take them, but we knew that it would depend on the costs and where we stood financially at that point.  When we started this adoption, we thought that we would travel in the fall or winter of 2015/2016.  However, we will be traveling in the summer of 2015 which is way faster than we expected!  We are so excited to be going so soon.  However, we will travel with several months less time to save money and travel during the summer is much more expensive than any other time of the year.  The flights are much more expensive.

God knew before we ever started this adoption exactly when we would travel, so this is not a surprise to him at all.  We have continued to pray and ask God to provide exactly how much we need to be able to travel to China and complete this adoption.  Jeremy and I can travel alone.  However, we have prayed throughout the adoption to be able to take our boys with us to China.  We believe that the bonding time in China just the five of us will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Yes, it will be harder to travel there as a family of four and home as a family of five.  No doubt about that.  But, we believe that allowing the boys to see and experience Paxton's culture will be so important for them.  We also believe that having the boys with us will give us a chance to bond as a family of five in a way that we can't once we are home with Jeremy going to work and Connor and Kyle going to school.  It will give Paxton a chance to see that these other two little kids trust us and that he can trust us, too.  There are so many reasons that we want them to go with us.  However, it is honestly up to God.  

Flights in July (when we hope to go) are very expensive.  And, we cannot book our flights until only a couple of weeks before we travel (once we have Travel Approval and a confirmed Consulate Appointment), so last minute flights are typically more expensive anyway.

We are praying that we will find cheap flights.  We are praying that we will be able to take them.  However, we are also praying that God will give us peace if it is not possible for them to travel with us.  We are praying that God will make it clear to us that His will is for them to stay home, so that we do not hesitate obeying him.  Or, that God will provide for us to take them with us. 

We know that God has provided for us every step of the way and that He will provide for us this time, too.  He will either provide a way for us to take them or He will give us a peace that is beyond our own understanding if we make the decision not to take them. 

Please continue to pray that we will have all that we need to be able to go to China.  Please pray that every step of the process is smooth over the next few weeks.  And, please keep Paxton in your prayers.  Pray that his heart will be prepared for the loses he will experience (although adoption and family is best, he is going to lose all that he has ever known).  Pray that he will be prepared to attach to us and us to him.  Pray that he is healthy and being loved on while in China. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Last Week of School

School's out for summer!!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2015


A conversation with Kyle today...

Me:  "Miss Maddie is going to be keeping you tonight, okay?"

Kyle:  (smiling) "No she's not!  She's not keeping us!  You said keeping!"

Me:  "Yes, she's keeping you tonight for us to go to Bible Study.  You know, babysitting you."

Kyle:  "Keeping means someone gives you something and you never give it back!  Like how we are going to keep Paxton!"

Me:  "That's right, buddy!"

He gets it! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Fun Saturday

Yesterday was Connor's final baseball game of the season.  His team won a "playoff" game on Tuesday night, so they advanced to the Championship game and played on Saturday.  It was fun to watch Connor and his team this year because they really did get much better throughout the year.  They hit more consistently and their fielding and knowledge of what to do with the ball became more consistent throughout the year.  They really did do a great job!

We have not made a big deal of winning and losing and scores throughout the season because we just wanted Connor to enjoy playing and to do his best without worry about the score.  However, the kids knew they had to win Tuesday night to play again.  And, they knew they had to win on Saturday to be the champions.  The game was tied in the last regular inning, so they played one more inning hoping to break the tie.  The other team did not score that inning, and Connor's team had the final at-bat.  One kid got on first and Connor got a double that brought the other kid to third base.  Then, with two outs, a kid hit a ground ball that brought the third baseman home!  So, Connor's team won 6-5!  It was a fun season with a great group of boys and with great coaches.  Jeremy was not an official coach, but he ended up coaching first and third during the games and he really enjoyed it!  

On Saturday evening after dinner, we headed to Lady A park for Thunder Over Augusta.  Thunder Over Augusta is a free event every year honoring the military.  The boys did the inflatables and climbed in some military vehicles.  We missed a lot of the events that happened earlier in the day and they were winding down some things for the music and fireworks that end the night.  But, the boys had a good time with what we did do.

After we left the park, we headed home and the boys took showers and baths and got ready for bed.  Then, we headed to the yogurt place to eat yogurt!  Thunder Over Augusta ends with one of the best and longest fireworks shows I've ever seen, so we figured we would set up chairs at the yogurt place and watch from there, so that we would have an easy time getting home.  We had the BEST view of the fireworks!  It was such a fun family day!

We hope that your Saturday was just as fun!