Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Fun Saturday

Yesterday was Connor's final baseball game of the season.  His team won a "playoff" game on Tuesday night, so they advanced to the Championship game and played on Saturday.  It was fun to watch Connor and his team this year because they really did get much better throughout the year.  They hit more consistently and their fielding and knowledge of what to do with the ball became more consistent throughout the year.  They really did do a great job!

We have not made a big deal of winning and losing and scores throughout the season because we just wanted Connor to enjoy playing and to do his best without worry about the score.  However, the kids knew they had to win Tuesday night to play again.  And, they knew they had to win on Saturday to be the champions.  The game was tied in the last regular inning, so they played one more inning hoping to break the tie.  The other team did not score that inning, and Connor's team had the final at-bat.  One kid got on first and Connor got a double that brought the other kid to third base.  Then, with two outs, a kid hit a ground ball that brought the third baseman home!  So, Connor's team won 6-5!  It was a fun season with a great group of boys and with great coaches.  Jeremy was not an official coach, but he ended up coaching first and third during the games and he really enjoyed it!  

On Saturday evening after dinner, we headed to Lady A park for Thunder Over Augusta.  Thunder Over Augusta is a free event every year honoring the military.  The boys did the inflatables and climbed in some military vehicles.  We missed a lot of the events that happened earlier in the day and they were winding down some things for the music and fireworks that end the night.  But, the boys had a good time with what we did do.

After we left the park, we headed home and the boys took showers and baths and got ready for bed.  Then, we headed to the yogurt place to eat yogurt!  Thunder Over Augusta ends with one of the best and longest fireworks shows I've ever seen, so we figured we would set up chairs at the yogurt place and watch from there, so that we would have an easy time getting home.  We had the BEST view of the fireworks!  It was such a fun family day!

We hope that your Saturday was just as fun!

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