Saturday, May 30, 2015

First Week of Summer Break

We had a great first week of Summer Break!  Monday was especially nice because Jeremy was able to stay home!  We went to the pool a couple of times last weekend with Jeremy and then on our own once this week.  We joined the same pool that we have joined the last few summers and it will be extra fun this summer because several of our friends joined too.  We have already run into friends a couple of times at the pool and we plan to have some fun "playdates" there over the summer!  We spent time outside, we went to one of Mills' summer baseball games, ate lunch with Jeremy, and played, played, and played!  It was really nice to have a week with no plans!

The weather has been cloudy and a little rainy, but we have had some good times playing outside this week, too.
For some reason or another, I only took this one picture of Connor outside on this day.

Happy Summer!

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