Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

I am so thankful to have a wonderful mother and a fabulous mother-in-law!  And, I am so thankful to be a mother to two extraordinary boys at home and one sweet little boy in China!

My mom is such an a great mom!  She takes care of everyone and everything all the time.  She is a servant to me and to everyone she knows.  She is always doing thing for others.  She recently came to visit us and made us dinner instead of me making her dinner.  And, she supports me and loves me unconditionally.  When I was finishing my sophomore year of college, I was on the verge of getting a D in a math class.  If I received a D, I would have to re-take the class that summer.  I had a friend tutor me, but I knew I had to get a certain grade on the final in order to pass the class.  After the test, the teacher assistant graded the paper immediately and told me my score.  I knew it was not high enough for me to pass the class.  I called my mom on my way back to my dorm crying and told her that I did not pass the class.  Most moms would be disappointed.  My mom immediately drove to Auburn to take me out to dinner and cheer me up!  In the end, I passed the class (I guess there was a curve!), but I've never forgotten that she did not once get upset with me for not doing well.  She didn't make me feel bad.  She didn't get upset with me for a bad grade.  She encouraged me.  She showed unconditional love to me.  And, I've always been thankful for that!  I am so thankful that she has always served and loved me so well!  I've been blessed and spoiled by her!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  I love you!

My mother-in-law, Ann, has treated me as her own daughter from day one.  She has always been supportive and encouraging.  She is always willing to help with anything that is asked of her.  I've seen her move us and all of her other kids multiple times.  She has painted more trim in our houses than anyone else and she has always done the hard work with such a great attitude.  When we lived in Arizona, Bob lived in the apartment above us and Ann would visit for weeks at a time, especially in the summer when she spent most of the summer there.  I worried how it would work out with her being around all of the time when she visited since I was used to being on my own during the day because I did not work outside the home and she lived upstairs.  Would we tire of each other quickly?  Would it be hard on our relationship to see each other daily?  Would we drive each other crazy?  I shouldn't have worried!  It was wonderful!  We had so much fun!  We would exercise together in the gym several mornings a week.  We would go to lunch sometimes.  We would go shopping together.  But, she knew when to give me space.  We had such a great time that summer!  And, I am so thankful to have had so much one-on-one time with her!  She is such a wonderful mother-in-law and I am so thankful for her!  She raised an amazing son that is now my husband and the father to our children.  I could not ask for a better man than him and she is a huge part of who he has become.  I hope that I can be as good of a mom to three little boys as she was/is to her three boys! 

Happy Mother's Day, Ann!  I love you!

I am so thankful for my boys!  Connor and Kyle are wonderful, awesome sons and I am so thankful for them!  They are full of life!  They make being a mom wonderful and trying all at the same time!  I am so blessed to get to be their mother and to get to watch them grow.  Some days are difficult.  There are days that I cannot wait to come to an end.  And, there are times where I wonder if I can do this job.  Then, there are days that are amazing.  There are moments when they hug me for no reason and I am reminded of how blessed I am to have them.  There are times when they make me laugh so hard at their antics.  And, there are times that I cannot stop thanking God for making me their mom!  I love being Connor's mom and Kyle's mom!

And, on this Mother's Day, I am so thankful that I have another little boy in China.  He doesn't know me yet.  He doesn't understand that I am his mommy and that I will love him forever.  But, I know him.  I know he is ours.  And, I know that in just a few months, he will be home with us!  Next Mother's Day will be celebrated with three little boys!  I am so thankful that we have been called to adopt this sweet little boy!

But, on this day, I am also so thankful for his birth mother who chose life for him!  Although we will never know everything about his story, we do know that he was found about 10 days after his birth.  This is estimated at 10 days because his cord had already fallen off.  He was found wrapped in a blanket with formula with him.  This tells me that his birth mother loved him.  And, wanted him.  And, she struggled to make a decision.  She was doing the best that she could.  He was born with a cleft lip and palate.  Although a cleft lip and palate are repairable, surgery is expensive and multiple surgeries are usually needed. Many people in China do not have any type of medical insurance.  All health care costs must be paid upfront, prior to surgery.  Many families cannot afford that kind of expense and they find that their best option for their child is to place them where they can be found and hope that they will receive the care and surgery that they need within an orphanage and hopefully through adoption.  I believe that our son's birth mother loves him, but knew that she could not handle the medical care that he would inevitably need.  A year ago, she was pregnant with a child that was growing inside of her and that she was growing to love.  My heart breaks for her and for the decisions she had to make to give him the best life that she could.  But, I hope that she can believe that he will be loved.  He is already loved by us and we have not even met him.  He will be loved forever and unconditionally.  And, we will provide him with the best life that we can.  He may not have every material possession that he could every want (he won't), but he will have the unconditional love of a mom and a dad!  He will have two brothers who will love him, entertain him, play with him, and take pride in him.  He will have grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who love him so much.  And, he will be raised to know the love of the Father who fearfully and wonderfully made him!

Next Mother's Day, this little boy will know what it means to have a mom!

I am so thankful for all three of my sons!  I am so thankful for the opportunity to become a mother through pregnancy.  And, I am so thankful for the opportunity to become a mother through adoption.  What a blessing to be a mother!

I am so thankful for my mom and my mother-in-law who love me and our family!  I am so thankful for my friendships with so many amazing moms who help me make it through this job of mom.  And, I am so thankful for my husband who supports me to be a stay-at-home mom, who loves me and our boys so much, and who makes being a mom a whole lot easier with him by my side!

Happy Mother's Day!

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