Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What's in a Name?

Naming a child is a really difficult task...at least, for us, it is difficult.

It is the name that your child will live with for the rest of his or her life.  It is the name that he or she will be called as a child, but also the name that he or she will use with future employers.  Some names sound great for little kids, but it is hard to imagine calling an adult that name.  Other names sound like adult names that you would never call a child.  Some names are too modern or too old-fashioned.  Some names have bad nicknames and some names do not work for your last name (like Lily...Lily White...just doesn't work!).

We did not officially name Connor until he was one day old.  For the months leading up to his birth, we knew he was going to be a boy and we talked about names often, but we could not decide on a final name.  We knew that we would use Jackson as his middle name, but Jeremy did not want to call him Jack or Jackson.  Jeremy's middle name is Jackson, his dad's middle name is Jackson, and his grandfather's middle name was Jackson (although he was called Jack), so Jeremy considered Jackson a good middle name, but he did not want to use it as a first name.  I was pretty sure I wanted a family name (Jackson) as one of the names, but I wanted a name we picked as his other name (non-family name).  Throughout the pregnancy we considered Owen, but never settled on it.  A few months before he was born, Jeremy flew on an airplane and the mother next to him had a baby with her named Connor.  He later mentioned Connor as a possibility, so we started considering it.  I can remember (during half-time of the Auburn-Clemson Chick-fil-a Bowl on December 31, 2007) asking Jeremy how he would want to spell Connor if we used that name (Connor or Conner).  We decided that we would spell it Connor if we used it, but we had not decided to name him that yet.  We felt we needed to see his face first.  Little did we know that I would go into labor a few hours later!  We both went into the hospital thinking he would either be Connor or Owen.  After he was born, he had dark hair and Jeremy said he looked like a Connor.  I agreed.  We both later said that if he had been blonde, we would have said he looked like an Owen!  But, we had to test out the name by ourselves before we could decide for sure.  So throughout the night, we called him Connor and tested it out.  The next day, the birth certificate person came into the room for us to fill out the birth certificate information.  I remember starting to fill out the documents and looking at Jeremy and saying, "So, is it Connor?"  So, at that point, we officially named him Connor Jackson White.  And, we cannot imagine him as anything else!

When I was pregnant with Kyle, we considered Owen again, but we just couldn't decide to go with it.  In August before he was due in early October, we went to the beach with my parents.   I can remember driving down the road in Destin with Jeremy and we were talking about names.  I mentioned Kyle and naming him after my brother.  Jeremy said he liked Kyle, too.  I felt that I needed to make sure that Stan did not have plans to use it if he ever has children, so I checked with him and just asked the hypothetical question of "IF" we name him Kyle, and Stan said that he was okay with us using Kyle.  We still were not sure, but we started trying it out between us for a few weeks and by early September we had decided to use Kyle.  However, we decided to keep his name a surprise until he was born.  I ordered lettering for his wall and wouldn't let anyone in his room until he was born!  We knew we also wanted to name him after Jeremy's uncle Steve, so we chose Kyle Steven White as his name.  I really love his name and feel like it is perfect for him!

So, all of this is to say...we have a name for our newest son!

His name will be...

Paxton William (Chinese Name) White

We had a face for our son in early April and I felt like we needed a name for that face.  I needed a name for when we prayed for him.  I needed a name for Connor and Kyle to use.  I needed a name to put with the sweet face that we could see.  My in-laws wanted a name, too, so they sent us a book of 50,000 baby names to encourage us to find a name!  We have his picture, so for names that we would consider, I would look at his picture to see if it worked for his face.  He just did not look like some names!  A few weeks ago, we were driving down the road and I was looking through the 50,000 baby names book mentioning names to Jeremy.  He kept saying no or shaking his head.  Some were really funny, crazy names though!  Then, I saw Paxton and liked it, so I mentioned it to Jeremy.  He nodded and said, "Mmmm...".  We both started considering it and trying it out.  Very quickly, we started loving it!  He just looks like a Paxton to us!  As we considered Paxton, I looked up the meaning in the book of names just for curiosity's sake (I've never cared what the meaning was for a name before).  Pax means "peace".  Well, that just seemed so perfect for the son we are adopting because my prayers throughout our adoption process have included peace.  I have prayed for peace to know when to start the process, peace in the waiting, peace in the decisions, peace in the answers we received, peace, peace, peace.  I even looked back through my prayer journal and noticed how many times I specifically wrote out a prayer for peace during a certain process or decision.  Peace has been our prayer.  So, Paxton just seemed to be the perfect name for our son.

We knew we wanted a family name for some part of his name, so we chose William.  Williamson is my maiden name and Jeremy's grandfather was William Henry White, so William was a perfect fit to honor both families.  We will use his Chinese name as a second middle name (we cannot share it yet).

So, there it is!  That's what's in a name!

Paxton, we are coming for you!  And, we cannot wait to hold you!

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