Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Pictures and Video

A sweet family that is in China right now adopting visited the orphanage where Paxton lives last night (Wednesday day time in China).  So, this morning, I woke up to the best pictures and videos!!!  I was so excited to see Paxton smiling!  When we first received Paxton's file to review in late March, it only included a couple of pictures of him and they were from late last year and before his cleft lip repair.  When we asked for more information about him when we were reviewing his file, we were given two photos:  one of Paxton and one that showed his mouth wide open to show his cleft palate.  We also received two videos, but he did not smile in any of the videos or photos.  We are due to receive an update later this month, but it was such a blessing to receive new photos and videos today from this sweet mom.  She told us that Paxton was happy and laughing.  I am so glad!!!

Isn't he adorable?!?!?  I cannot stop looking at that sweet smile!
We also received videos!  You can hear him laughing! 
You just don't understand how HAPPY I am right now to have these treasured pictures and videos!
Paxton, we cannot wait for you to be with us!  We cannot wait to hold you and play with you and make you laugh!  You are going to have two big brothers who will be making you laugh forever and a Mommy and Daddy who will delight in your laugh and smile forever!  We cannot wait to get to China!  We love you so much!

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