Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Farm

Last Friday, the boys and I drove to Huntsville to visit Mimi and Bobbles.  We spent Friday night at their house and then headed to Lee's parent's farm to spend the night at their cabin with Kevin, Lee, and the girls on Saturday.  We got to the farm before lunch on Saturday and stayed until about dinner time one Sunday.  We explored, fished, played in the creek, rode the four wheeler and the Club Car, slept in a tent (well, one of us did!), found worms, and so much more!  It was even more fun than we ever imagined it would be!  The boys spent almost every waking moment outside and filthy!  Lee's parent's bought Harper, Evie, and Millie an inflatable water slide for their birthday, so the boys had a great time on it, too.  Lee's cousins came for Saturday to celebrate the girls' birthdays.  Bob and Kevin camped out with the kids, but the little two (Millie and Kyle) ended up in the house.  Connor had such a great time sleeping under the stars!  All three of us had such a great time at the farm.  The Harper's cabin was just perfect!  There was plenty of room for everyone and so much fun stuff to do at the farm.  I hope that we can go back next year with Paxton and Daddy!

Lee's parents have an "outdoor kitchen" for the kids made of tree stumps.  They've equipped it with pots and pans and plates and spoons and all sorts of kitchen stuff.  The kids had a blast pretending to make food and serve food.  

Millie's is pouting because we did not bring the fishing poles with us the first time we visited the pond!

Kyle had to dump his boots a lot!  A few minutes after this, he fell completely in the creek!







Thank you, Lee, Kevin, Mrs. Sandra, and Mr. Russell for a wonderful time at the farm!  We truly enjoyed every single minute of it!

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