Friday, June 12, 2015

Update on Paxton

Yesterday we received an update on Paxton through our agency.  Last month we were able to ask questions about him and ask for new pictures and video and yesterday we received the update!
"Look Mom!  No hands!"

We asked for his current measurements.  He is 74 cm, 8.5 kg, and his head is 44 cm in circumference.  So, he is just over 29 inches tall, 18.7 pounds, and his head is 17.3 inches.  We do not know if these are super accurate or not, but we will hope that they are close.
I compared his current measurements to Kyle's one year measurements.  Kyle was 20.5 pounds, and 30 inches tall.  So, Paxton is a little bit smaller than Kyle was at this age, but not by too much.

Isn't he just so cute!!!???

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Doug said...

Aren't new photos the best? He's such a cutey. And it won't be long now!