Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Few More From Huntsville

I just got around to editing the last few pictures form our Huntsville trip.
While we were there, we celebrated Paxton's birthday with Mimi and Bobbles!  We had a birthday cake and Connor and Kyle blew out the candles!  We sure wish that Paxton could be with us when we celebrated his birthday this year, but we are so excited to know that he will not even have another monthly milestone without us!  We will have him before he turns 13 months old!!!
Happy Birthday, Paxton!

The boys went to the basement one afternoon to "help" Bobbles with one of his projects.  Helping Bobbles with his project turned into building a wooden man for Connor!

Bobbles is super patient and loves to teach the boys how to do things. 

And, Connor loved helping!

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