Sunday, July 12, 2015


We woke up way too early because of jetlag on Saturday morning…we were all up by 1:30 a.m.!  Wide Awake!  Could not sleep!  But, we couldn't let the tiredness stop us because we had a big day ahead of us.  On Saturday, we went to The Great Wall and to a Chinese Acrobats Show.  It was a fun, but busy day!
Our guide, Angela, picked us up at the hotel at 7:00 a.m. and we headed to The Great Wall, but it was about a two hour drive.  We were touring with another Lifeline group.  The adoptive dad could not come, so the mom had her friend and her husband and daughter come along as a support group for her.  The four of them did The Great Wall and Acrobats Show with us.  The boys did great on the way to the Great Wall.  Once we got to the place where you go up to the Great Wall, we took chairlifts up.  They are basically like ski lifts.  Kyle rode up with Jeremy and I rode up with Connor.  Once at the top, Angela told us that we could go left to go the less steep way, but still steep in parts way, or we could go right to go the really steep way.  Since we had the boys with us and we were all already tired, we chose the easier way!  But, it was still great and it was neat to see something so massive that is so old.  Once our group met back up, we all headed down the mountain…by toboggan ride!  They have this slide/chute that you can go down the mountain.  We could ride two to a cart, so I rode with Kyle and Jeremy rode with Connor.  It was so much fun!  We all really enjoyed it!  I wish I had pictures, but I don't.
(This is Angela going up!).


After the Great Wall, we headed to a restaurant for lunch.  Most traditional Chinese meals are served family style at a round table with a giant lazy susan in the center, so our guide ordered a bunch of different dishes, including Peking Duck.  I thought that the meal was really good.  I especially liked the duck and a cabbage and noodle dish.  So yummy!  Then, we headed back toward downtown Beijing for the Acrobats show.  The boys fell asleep in the van and the rest of us dozed some, too.  But, when we got to the show, we had a hard time waking them up!  They eventually got out of the van and we headed in.  However, once we were seated, Connor could not keep his head up and he slept the whole show!  Kyle really seemed to enjoy it though! 
This is one of the dishes.
After the show, Angela took us back to our hotel and we rested for a little while before heading out for pizza at Pizza Hut.  The wait was long at Pizza Hut and we were all exhausted, but a little bit of food helped all of us feel better.  We all slept much better Saturday night, but Connor was still up early (about 5:00).  Please pray that tonight will be better and that he will get over the jet lag quickly. 

Overall, the boys are doing amazing!  They are in a foreign land with foreign food and their bodies are still adjusting to the time change and the lack of sleep that they have had, but they have been so good!  I've been really proud of them.  And, they are so excited to get Paxton! 

Today, we left Beijing and came to Nanjing by bullet train!  It was great!  The train station was super busy and crowded in Beijing, but once we were on the train, we had plenty of space and enjoyed the ride.  The bullet train took us less than 4 hours to make a trip that would normally take up to 15 hours by car!  Once we got here, we met our guide, Nancy, and came to our hotel.  We got settled and then met up with Nancy and the other family that is here with us, the Fillebaums.  Courtney and I met through one of the Facebook groups when we realized that we were on the exact same timeline and that we had both accepted children from the same orphanage within days of each other.  Our timing got a little off from each other after LOA because she lives in Birmingham and was able to sign her LOA immediately, whereas ours had to shipped to us and shipped back to Birmingham adding two days to our time.  But, we ended up catching up and getting to travel together when we both got TA (Travel Approval) on the same day!  I was actually in Birmingham on my way to meet Courtney for lunch when we got the call that we had TA!  Their daughter, Anne Marie, is who share the birthday party with Paxton a few weeks ago.

Anyway, we took a quick tour of the area and Nancy pointed out restaurants to us.  Then, we met back for dinner at one of the restaurants.  Kyle was a big fan of the rice and I really enjoyed all  of the food, including the pigeon!  Connor, however, did not eat anything and was so tired that he fell asleep at the table.  He tried laying down in the chair, so the servers brought another chair for him to stretch out a little bit!  Once dinner was over, I brought the kids back to the hotel for baths while Jeremy ran to McDonald's to get Connor some nuggets. 

We have had a great last few days as a family of 4 and enjoyed our last adventure in Beijing as four, but we are so excited that tomorrow is the day that we become a family of FIVE!!! 

Our internet is struggling, so I will update again when I can.  It is working right now, though, so I updated the last post with pictures. 

Pray for us tomorrow! Pray for Paxton tonight as he has his last night in his orphanage…his last day as an orphan was today.  He will be known forever as a SON tomorrow…as OUR SON!  Thank you, God, for this opportunity to adopt!!


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