Sunday, July 19, 2015

Chen Family Temple and Pearl Market

Today, we headed to the Chen Family Temple with our group.  The Chen name and family is very important and common in this part of China.  The temple was built in the late 1800s and it now is a tourist spot with lots of custom artwork that you can purchase as well as other items to purchase.  We bought a family stamp called a Chop that will have our family name in Chinese characters on it.  And, we bought a picture that a man there paints using the side of his hand and his fingernail  It is an amazing picture of the Great Wall.  We, also, bought a set of chopsticks.

Future Auburn Tigers!

Ann and Bob gave our "future child" this Auburn shirt for Christmas last year when we had not yet matched with a child, so we did not know if we were having a boy or girl or what age.  Now, that "future child" is OUR CHILD and he fits in the shirt perfectly!

It was hot and humid, so we kept trying to find fans to stand in front of to cool off!

Then, we went to the Pearl Market.  I have wanted to buy pearl jewelry for us to give to Connor, Kyle, and Paxton's wives one day if they marry.  I chose some fresh water pink pearls of various colors. You buy them by the strand and then have them made into what you want.  I bought two strands of those pearls and was able to have four bracelets (one is for me!) and two sets of earrings (for me!).  I am excited about my purchases!
Tomorrow, we will go to the zoo and on a Pearl River Dinner Cruise.
Paxton is napping now and Connor, Kyle, and Jeremy are at the pool.  I decided to take a few pictures of the view of our room.  We are on the 13th floor overlooking the front of the hotel. Our suite has two rooms:  a living room with a rollaway bed for Connor and a bedroom with a king size bed that we are sharing with Kyle and a crib for Paxton.  The room is nice and a good size for our family.  It is nice to spread out a little!  At night, we put Paxton to bed first and then we put Connor and Kyle to bed in our bed, so that we can have the living room for a little while.  When we go to bed, we move Connor to his bed.
Here are the pictures of our view.

The pool on the roof in the below picture is the pool at our hotel.  That is where Connor, Kyle, and Jeremy are at right now.

Guangzhou is a bigger city than I had imagined, but we are able to walk to a lot of restaurants and stores right near us.  Overall, we are doing well and really enjoying our last week in China!

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