Sunday, July 26, 2015

China Pictures - Our Last Few Days

I was unable to update my blog the way I normally do the last few days of our trip, so I could not post all of my pictures.  Here are some (okay...a lot) of my favorites!
Play time in our room...

The Garden Hotel has a nice waterfall, pond, and garden in the back that we enjoyed.  The boys really loved the koi pond.  After our consulate appointment, we took some bread to the koi pond to feed the fish.  These fish are amazing!  As soon as you walk up, they all come to the edge hoping you will throw in some food and when you do throw in food, they go crazy!  It was fun to watch!

I attempted to take some pictures of all three boys and some of just Paxton, but he would not let us put him down in the grass!  And, he wasn't thrilled being put down in general.  Getting all three boys to look at the camera is impossible!

Then, Paxton put a small rock in his mouth that we had to get out!

Later that same day, we took Paxton to the pool for the first time!  The children's pool was really neat.  There were three large steps going into it, so the first step was only about 6 inches deep, the next was about 1 foot deep, and the next was about 2 feet deep.  Then, the larger part of the pool was only about 3 feet deep.  Deep enough for Kyle to swim, but he could also stand easily.
Paxton absolutely loved the pool!  He started off splashing in the most shallow part, but he quickly wanted all the way in the water.  He loved it!  A couple of times he put his face in the water like Connor was doing and he kept trying to get us to let him go!

Kyle has become quite the swimmer!

Pure Joy!!!


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