Saturday, July 18, 2015

Friday and Saturday - Guangzhou

On Friday morning, we hung around our hotel room and packed up.  I decided I would snap a few shots of our hotel for memory's sake!
Our hotel in Nanjing had two beds.  The Chinese call them twin, but they are bigger than a twin, but probably slightly smaller than a full.  Not big beds, but we did okay.  In general, the hotel was nice.

Our guide, Nancy, came by at 12:00 to give us Paxton's passport and then we met her at 1:00 in the lobby of the hotel to head to the airport.  We took the van from the hotel to the airport.  Nancy took us into the airport, got us checked in and got us to security.  We were so thankful for her!  She went over and above with everything she did! 
We found our gate easily and then started our wait.  Our flight was scheduled to leave at 3:50, but inter-country flight are notoriously VERY late, so we expected a long delay.  We were pleasantly surprised when we left the ground at 4:50!  Paxton, however, was not too happy about it.  He started crying before we even left the ground and cried hard for a little while.  He finally fell asleep on Jeremy, but he only slept for about 15 or 20 minutes.  Once he woke up, the only thing that really made him okay was snacking, so he pretty much snacked the last hour and a half of the flight!  The flight included a meal service, so Paxton and I shared some kind of Chinese white rice and chicken dinner.  It was actually really good!  Paxton did not like the chicken because it was spicy, but he loved the rice and the dessert cake! 
We got to our hotel sometime after 8:00, I think.  Jeremy and the boys had not eaten, so they headed out while I got Paxton to bed and started unpacking.  They boys ended up going to bed really late.
Today was Paxton's medical appointment.  Paxton and I had breakfast and then met the guide and other Lifeline families to head to the medical at 8:30.  Our group is so big this week that we have a bus!  Only one parent has to be there for the medical appointment, so we decided that Jeremy and the boys would stay at the hotel while Paxton and I went to the appointment.  I'm glad we did that.  The medical office was in an office building and the waiting area in the main area was small and hot.  They boys would have been bored.  After a visa picture and the initial paperwork, we started on visiting three stations.  At one station, nurses check the children's height, weight, and temperature.  At another station, the doctor checks the children's ears, heart beat, lungs, and hearing.  And, at the third station, the doctor does an all over check without their clothes on.  There is a fourth station for children two and old.  They have to have a blood draw for a TB test.  Since Paxton is less than two, he did not have to do that station!
After completing the medical, we had to wait on all of the other families to finish, so we headed to the lobby to wait.  Paxton finally fell asleep in the Ergo and took a short nap.  I enjoyed talking to and getting to know the other Lifeline families.  After Paxton woke up, he played on the ground for a little while.  We finally got back to the hotel a little after 12:00.

We all headed to Subway for lunch and then I had meeting with our guide.  While we were at Subway, it started raining...hard!  So, we had to walk back in the rain with three kids!  We were soaked!  I had to rush to the room, change, attempt to dry my hair and then head to the group meeting with our guide.  She had one parent from each family meet her at 2:00 in a meeting room to make sure we had all of our paperwork for our Consulate Appointment next week.  She reviewed our travel arrangements home and helped us completed the last little bits of paperwork and get them in order.  Connor and Kyle played in our room while Paxton napped during this meeting.
Later we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.  It was good, but a little too pricey in my opinion.  Eric and Courtney recommended another taco place they had found, so we will try it another day.
After dinner and walking around a little, we came back to the hotel.  We ran into Eric who was headed to the grocery store, so Jeremy went with him to get some things.  The boys and I came upstairs to get ready for bed.  I gave Paxton a bath in the sink!  He loved it!  Then, we played until Jeremy got back and now all three are sleeping!
There are not many things cuter than a baby in a sink!

Tomorrow will be a morning of sightseeing and shopping.
Thank you for your prayers while we traveled!  We are glad to now be in our last week of China!  The end is in sight!  We have enjoyed it here and I will miss being in Paxton's first country and his place of birth, but I will be glad to get home to start our life in the real world as a family of five!

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