Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fun Fun Fun!

Due to jet lag, we were up REALLY early on Monday morning and it was Jeremy's first day at work.  So, after Jeremy left for work, I decided that we would go to the park for a little while so that the big boys could play.
Paxton enjoyed it, too!

Isn't this the sweetest picture?!

Today, I got out the Jump-a-roo to let Paxton play in it.  He couldn't quite figure out the jumping, but he LOVED spinning around and around in it!

Tonight, we gave Paxton some brownie that my friend Casie had given to us.  As you can see, he loved it!  He's just a little bit messy! 

We are having a good first week home!  We are slowing getting over jet lag.  Last night was our best night of sleep, but I was more exhausted today than any other day!  Hopefully, tonight will be another good night of sleep!
Yesterday, I had to take Paxton to the pediatrician for an overall checkup.  He did not really love being checked over, but he did okay with that part.  Unfortunately, he also needs to have bloodwork done so that we can just check to make sure that there is not anything unexpected.  Two nurses came in to draw the blood and I had to help one hold him down.  He screamed harder than I have ever heard.  He is very strong and strong willed.  It was really tough to hear his cries and it made me cry, too.  It was absolutely awful.  Unfortunately, the nurse could not get a good blood flow from either arm, so we will have to go to the lab at the hospital to try again.  I have decided to hold off on that until next week.  I do not want to traumatize him any more this week.
Jeremy and the boys had to be at the church for soccer evaluations, so I decided that Paxton and I would have some special time together to bond after experiencing such a terrible doctor's appointment.  I didn't want any of the trauma from that to put us back attachment-wise.  So, Paxton and I had a nice dinner of Chinese fried rice followed by a chocolate cupcake!  It was nice to have some fun one-on-one time with him!
Today, Jane Anne, Mills, and Davis stopped by for a few minutes to meet Paxton.  He was definitely clingy to me (which is good), but he was happy sitting in my lap and throwing the ball to them.  He was also laughing and smiling and clapping for them!  So sweet!
Connor and Kyle are doing such a great job with Paxton.  They both are great little helpers and definitely love making him laugh!  I expected Connor to do well and he has, but I really expected Kyle to struggle with losing his place as the baby of the family and to be jealous often of Paxton.  However, he has done so great with him so far!  He really loves to play with Paxton and to make him laugh.  He wants to sit by him at every meal and is the first to try to make him smile if he fusses.  When he fusses, he is always trying to tell me what Paxton wants.  He will say, "Mommy, he wants his bottle." or "Mommy, he doesn't want that."  He is very demanding about it!  He doesn't want Paxton to cry at all.  It is really sweet!  We have been so proud of both Connor and Kyle.  They are doing such a great job being big brothers to a baby!  We are so thankful to have three awesome boys!
Hope you are having a great week!  I'll try to update again, soon!

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