Monday, July 20, 2015

Guangzhou Zoo and Pearl River Dinner Cruise

Updated with pictures on 7/21/2015.
Today we took a trip to the zoo in Guangzhou.  We had a good time seeing the animals, but it was hot and humid!  I am reminded of why we do not ever go to the zoo back home in July!  We had a good time seeing rhinos, hippos, tigers, and more!  The pandas were keeping cool inside, but we were able to see them through a door while they were eating bamboo. 

Connor being a rhino.

Paxton and his other 13 month old buddies and their mamas!  We are loving our time with these kiddos and their families!
After lunch at a pizza place called Oggi's, Paxton fell asleep on me on the walk back!  I put him to bed and he napped for awhile.  Later Kyle napped for a little while, too!  Everyone is sleeping well at night, but we are definitely tired each day!  After naps, we had some more playtime. 
I took a few shots of Paxton on our bed.

Kyle being silly!

Before dinner...

This evening, we headed to a dinner cruise with all of the Lifeline families.  The dinner cruise went along the Pearl River and was great!  The food was okay, but definitely not the best I've had here, but after dinner we could go up to the top deck and see everything. So many buildings and bridges are lit up with bright colored lights!  I worried about motion sickness, but I took a motion sickness pill and did well.  We enjoyed seeing the city from this way!

This building is really cool and the lights changed colors.  At the top is a cable car kind of ride.

We went inside for a little while for the magician show.

Now, everyone is in bed!  Thank goodness!  Tomorrow is a shopping trip to Shamain Island.  I'm looking forward to this part because we have been told to wait to buy most souvenirs until this part! 

I hope to update soon with pictures, so check back tomorrow!

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