Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Paxton Day!!!

Some people call it Gotcha Day, some people call it Family Day, but today, I will call it Paxton Day!
Today was amazing!  Absolutely perfect and amazing!  Thank you, God, for giving all of us peace and for giving Paxton a peaceful day joining our family!
At 1:50, we met our guide and we drove 15 minutes to the Civil Affairs office.  The building was nothing fancy and did not look like a life changing building, but it sure was!  When we arrived, we took pictures in front of the sign that said "Jiangsu Registration Service Centre for Foreign-Related Adoption".  Jiangsu is the province his orphanage is in.  This was our last picture as a family of four!

The boys were so excited!

Our guide told us we would be able to see them walk up to the building so we kept our eyes out for them.  This is our very first sight of Paxton!

Coming inside the room...

And, he's ours!  I took him from the nanny and he did not even cry!  He reached back for her, but we distracted him and he was perfect the whole time!

Kyle's smile says it all!

First photo as a family of FIVE!!!

Connor and Kyle found a balloon in the room when we first go there and he loved it!  He was so entertained by it!

The beginnings of his first smile with us!

Priceless capture!

Getting to know Daddy!

Our official photo for the adoption stuff...I am looking at the camera that is for the really official people.

We had to sign a couple of documents, but tomorrow is the official day to accept him as ours!

After we finished at the Civil Affairs office, we went to the store to buy formula, baby food, diapers, a stroller, and some drinks.  Paxton fell asleep on me on the way to the store, so I put him in the Ergo and he slept for a while.  Once he woke up, he was as happy as could be. 
We headed back to the hotel and played in our room for awhile.  He had so much fun playing with the boys and checking out the toys.  We decided to venture over to a place that serves American type food, including burgers (tonight was 2 for 1 burger night).  This was Paxton's first time in a restaurant!  We fed him some baby food, but he wasn't interested in it at all.  So, we fed him puffs, watermelon, nutrigrain bar, and some chicken.  He ate it all with no problem!

We were told that he takes a bottle at bedtime, but I could not get him to take it tonight.  So, he may wake up hungry any time now.  I will ask the nanny tomorrow exactly how it is prepared in case I am not doing it how they do it. 
We came back to the hotel after dinner and I gave him a bath, which was not his favorite thing, but he did okay with it.  Then, I worked on getting him to sleep.  He is sleeping well right now, so pray that he continues to sleep well all night.
Thank you for all of your prayers!  Today has been such a peaceful day!  Pray that he will continue to do well and that he will attach to us.  We are so in love with him and know that he is the son that we needed!

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