Sunday, July 19, 2015

More of Sunday

After I blogged earlier this afternoon about our morning, I finally had a chance to sit and look at the USB that we had received from the orphanage.  We had sent a USB to the orphanage (through a lady in Beijing who does care packages for Lifeline families) and asked that they put all of the pictures of Paxton that they had on it.  We did not know if we would receive them or not or if there would be more pictures than the ones we have already seen of him.  With this week being so busy, I sit down at night to blog for a few minutes and then I go to bed.  Since I had some downtime this afternoon, I finally got to look at what was on the USB.
It was a TREASURE!!!
Seriously, one of the best gifts ever!
I will forever be so thankful for the pictures and videos that we received that gave us a glimpse of Paxton's last year.  Some of the pictures were the same as we have already seen.  There were additional pictures and an additional video from his birthday party that we had not seen.  But, there were also several new photos and videos that we have never seen.  And, there were several photos with his foster family.  But, the best treasure was pictures and video of a birthday party that we did not provide that was done with his foster family!  They loved him so much that they did a huge meal and birthday cake for him and he was celebrated on his birthday with his foster family!  I am so glad that his first birthday was special!!  Seeing those pictures and video just brought tears to my eyes and provided me with more understanding of where he came from and how he was already introduced to the concept of family through the foster family.  I believe that this is why he has had such a great transition.  Foster homes in China can be different things and can include different amounts of children. Some are outside of the orphanage and some are families with apartments within the orphanage.  His was a little apartment within the orphanage with three other children and a foster mom and foster dad.  We met the foster mom, but did not meet the foster dad.  I will forever be grateful that they cared for him and showed him love until we could get to him.  They have cared for him since his lip surgeries, so probably since late January or early February when he had his first lip surgery.
Here are some of the pictures we received of Paxton:

I am so thankful that we get to see THIS smile EVERY DAY!

Paxton may be a little disappointed at his birthday meal when he turns two!  Look at this meal!

He is looking at the photo album of our family that we sent to him!

This doesn't surprise me at all.  He loves to eat!

Playing with his foster brother.

This photo is one of my favorites that we received.  This is Paxton's foster family.  Aren't these children just precious!  We saw these kids when we went to visit and they are even cuter in person!  Paxton already knows what it is like to live with two brothers!

I cannot get the videos to upload here, but I will try again at home.  The video of his birthday party with his foster family is just so cute!  I am so thankful for each of these photos and all of the others that we have of him.  But, I am even more thankful that I get to be the one to photograph every special moment from now on!  I get to take pictures of this happy boy and his amazing smile every day! 
Thank you, Lord, for giving us Paxton!  He is such a blessing to us!!!
 We ended our Sunday by going to a dim sum restaurant with Courtney and Eric and another couple that we have met, Jamie and Cameron.  All three families have adopted 13 month old little ones!  It was a fun night with friends!  We are really thankful for such a great group of new friends here in China. We have a large group of Lifeline families here and we are enjoying getting to know all of them!

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