Sunday, July 12, 2015


On Sunday, we headed from Beijing to Nanjing.  Beijing is the capital of China and Nanjing was the capital at one point in China's history.  Nanjing means "South Capital".  Nanjing is the capital of the province where Paxton's orphanage is located.  His orphanage is about 4 hours north of here.

We decided to take the train from Beijing to Nanjing.  We thought it would be a fun experience and it saved us some money.  Our guide, Angela, took us to the super crowded Beijing train station on Sunday morning.  She got us through security and to our gate.  However, after she left, we had some translational confusion about our bags.  A man with a cart came and wanted our bags to be put on it.  Then, they made us pay money, but we could not figure out what they were doing with our bags or how to get them back!  However, it turned out that our bags were safe.  The man was just taking them down to the trains early so that we did not have to get down the escalator or get on the crowded elevator with them!  Once we were able to get through the gate and down the escalator, we found the man right away and he got us to the right train car.  We had purchased "first class" seats so that we would have room for our luggage.  We had plenty of space and really enjoyed the train ride! 
After arriving, we met with our guide and then toured around a little with our friends who are adopting.  After dinner, we crashed!  We were all exhausted!  But, everyone was up early, so after breakfast, we took a walk around a little bit and explored the hotel some.  Now, we are resting and getting things ready to go meet Paxton at 2:30.  We cannot wait!  Connor and Kyle woke up saying, "It's Paxton Day"! 
Breakfast is a huge buffet.  There is everything from pancakes and cereal to fried rice! 
Shopping area by our hotel...

Since it is unusual in China to see blonde hair, the people are fascinated with Kyle!  We have had people point and stare and take pictures of him from a distance, but we have also had some people try to take pictures with him.  We had three teenagers chase us through the mall yesterday and a mother and daughter try to take pictures with him this morning.  But, Kyle is anti-social on his best day and doesn't like to take pictures with his best friends, much less strangers!  So, we are struggling with him not being rude, but we don't want to force him to take photos with strangers either.  It is a really strange thing here and it is not considered rude or anything for people to stare or want to take pictures of him!

Checking out the fish in the hotel...
The next post will be pictures of our family of FIVE!

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