Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Shamain Island

Shamain Island is a man made island made by the British in the late 1800s.  The architecture is definitely British-like.  All adoption families used to stay on Shamain Island at The White Swan Hotel.  The medical appointment and the consulate were on that side of town making it convenient, however, the consulate and medical office moved a few years ago to the other side of town and then The White Swan closed for renovations a couple of years ago (and just reopened in recent weeks and they do not want to cater to adoption families now), so now most adoption families stay in a different part of the city.  However, the shops on Shamain Island really cater to adoption families, so families still shop there for souvenirs.  And, we definitely did, too!  The weather was rainy, so I did not get any pictures, except for this one taken with Jeremy's cell phone.
We learned that Paxton is terrified of umbrellas over him!  Really terrified!  I enjoyed shopping and finding little things for us to remember China or to give to Paxton when he grows up.  We bought a scroll with his name painted on it, shirts that say big brother in Chinese for Connor and Kyle and a little brother one for Paxton, wooden swords for Connor and Kyle, a Mandarin/English Bible to give to Paxton as a special gift one day, traditional Chinese outfits for Paxton in three different sizes and several more things.  It was a fun outing for me!  Maybe not as much fun for Jeremy and the boys, but they were good sports!
Now is the moment that I have to brag about Connor and Kyle.  They have been so good this whole trip!  We have had so many compliments from the other families that have been around us telling us how well behaved they are and how impressed they are with them.  I've been really proud of them.  They are in unfamiliar places with unfamiliar food.  We have lived in much tighter spaces than we are used to and we have been on the go so much of the time!  Our attention is now divided with Paxton.  Life is very different here than they are used to, but they have done so well!  They have not complained about the food or really anything else at all.  They've been willing to try new things.  They, of course, have had their moments, but they have those at home, and we haven't had any more of those here than we normally have.  They have just been so good and I am so proud of them!  I am so thankful that we were able to bring them and that they have gotten to experience this with us!
Tonight, we will go to dinner with friends and tomorrow is our big Consulate Appointment followed by a free day.  The Consulate was having some issues on Monday with the U.S. visa system, but it was resolved today and no one's visa was delayed.  Pray that no more issues come up and that the visa will be issued as scheduled on Thursday afternoon. 

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