Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Garden Hotel

I snapped a few pictures just before we left China of our room at The Garden Hotel.  I just want to remember where we spent so much time getting to know our son! 
We spent six nights in room 1344 at The Garden Hotel in Guangzhou, China.  This suite was much larger than our room in Nanjing, so it was nice to spread out a little.
When you walked in the door, you walked into the living room/Connor's bedroom!  The living room had a sofa and chair with a small round table that had two stools.  This was nice for the meals that we ate in the room.  The other end of the room had a desk and Connor's roll away bed.

From the living room, there was a door leading to the bedroom.  We had a king size bed and a crib in the bedroom.  At night, I would put Paxton to bed first in the crib while Jeremy read books to the boys in the living room.  Once Paxton was asleep, Connor and Kyle would go to sleep in the king size bed.  Later, we would move Connor to the roll away bed in the living room when we went to bed.

From the bedroom, you walked into the bathroom. 

On the left side were two doors.  The first door led to the shower and tub and the second door led to the toilet.


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