Thursday, July 16, 2015

Touring Nanjing

Today, our guide, Nancy took us on a morning tour of Nanjing.  We visited a Brocade Museum and one of the Nanjing City Gates.  It was a really neat experience to see so much Chinese culture and history.  I'm really glad we got to do it and that Connor and Kyle got to see it.
We started our day at the Brocade Museum. 

This rock naturally has the profile of a face!

Nanjing Brocade is famous in China (and maybe elsewhere for all I know).

These men and women sit at these looms for 8 hours a day and only weave 5-6 centimeters a day!  There is one person at the bottom and another at the top.

Brocade weaves are VERY expensive.  The smallest things are definitely not cheap by Chinese standards or even my standards, but we did buy a small box with a small brocade on top of it.  We did not however buy this giant tiger brocade.  It was over $48,000!!!

After the Brocade Museum, we headed to the South Nanjing City Gate.  I was not expecting to enjoy this part as much as I did!  We really enjoyed seeing this and touring it.
Nanjing is actually surrounded by a wall that is HUGE and at one point went around the entire city.  Now, there are a few portions that are no longer complete, but much of it is still there.  There are 9 city gates, but the south two are the largest.  You drive through some of the gates to enter the city.
I love my family of FIVE!!

Paxton is waving here!

This tells more about it.

We attempted to get a family photo with our guide, Nancy!

At the top of the wall, you can walk all around for miles and miles.

And, there are replica weapons that Connor thought were so neat.

As I mentioned before, the Chinese love to have their pictures taken with blonde kids.  This guy gave Jeremy his phone and asked him to take his picture with Kyle!  So, I took one, too!




And, we got to do a little bit of archery!

We headed back to the hotel and we were on our own for lunch and throughout the afternoon.  We ate lunch and then played for a little while before Paxton's nap.  Then, Connor and Kyle and I went outside to do some bubbles so that Jeremy could put Paxton to sleep.  It was sprinkling when we went outside, so we just stayed under the hotel awning, but the boys had a good time chasing and smashing bubbles!  And, I had a good time spending some two on one time with them, while Jeremy got to bond with Paxton a little.

After nap and more play time, we met our guide and the other family, the Fillebaums, to go to a Chinese dinner at a restaurant inside the mall across the street from our hotel.  The food was delicious and we learned that Paxton LOVES noodles!

After dinner, we got these yogurt type of popsicles that were really good and some orange juice from a machine that squeezes the orange juice for you right in the machine! 
Then, we went back outside to head to our hotel, but we were sidetracked by the nightly entertainment that goes on in front of the mall.  There are men selling toys and lightup sling shot-like flying things (which, of course, we bought for the boys).  But the best part of it is the group of women all senior citizens who exercise/dance EVERY, SINGLE night for about an hour outside of this mall.  They sing while they dance and it is so entertaining!  They don't do it for money or as a business or anything.  It is just this group of women who "exercise" every night there to music!  Courtney and I are going to trade pictures and videos and she has some videos of it that I will have to share later!  They pulled her into the dancing with them earlier in the week when her and Eric were out and about and they recognized her tonight and got her back out there with Anne Marie this time! 
After all of our night time fun, we headed back to the hotel for baths and bedtime!
We have had another great day!  Paxton woke up from his nap a little upset and he was extra clingy, but he got over it by dinner and ate like a champ again.  He is doing so well and we are just so blessed to have three amazing sons!
Thank you for your continued prayers!  Tomorrow morning will be spent finishing packing.  At 1:00, we will leave for the airport for a 3:30 flight.  I have always heard (and Nancy confirmed) that the flight from Nanjing to Guangzhou is always delayed.  I know of one couple who was delayed for hours and hours and did not get to GZ until after midnight.  I am praying for good weather all over China and for the flight to be on time or at least close!  Please pray for a safe flight and pray for Paxton as he experiences his first flight.

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