Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday in Nanjing - Official Day

Today was the day that we signed that Paxton is officially ours and that we promise to love him and never to abandon him.  We woke up and got ready and headed to breakfast.  We didn't have a lot of time for breakfast before we had to meet our guide, but the rest of us finished eating with plenty of time to spare.  Paxton, however, was still eating, so I just had to stop him so that we weren't late!
I did have to take one picture before we left though.  Today, we officially made Paxton our third Super Hero!
We headed back to the Civil Affairs office and signed all of the official paperwork.  The assistant director from the orphanage and the two nannies that brought him and Anne Marie were there, too.  Paxton was excited to see them, but he was perfectly fine coming back to us and he never cried or fussed for them.  So good!

We had to put red thumb prints over all of our signatures on some of the paperwork.  And, Paxton had to do his thumbprint on one document, too!

Paxton wanted to help make it official!

These are the three ladies who brought him yesterday.  The two on the ends are nannies.  And the one in the center is the assistant director of the orphanage.

After we finished, we headed back to the hotel.  We played in our room for awhile, but Paxton started acting sleepy, so we decided we would try a nap.  He went right to sleep and we had to wake him up to go to lunch.  We walked to the mall that is nearby and decided on Papa John's. 

Well, this boy...he loved pizza!  He ate a whole slice and then more.  He just loves to eat in general, but I love seeing him try new foods!

After lunch, we took a walk around the district behind our hotel.  There is one road that you cannot drive down that has shop after shop and at the end is this temple. 

You can't see Paxton well because of the stroller and the boys are doing the same thing as the statue.  Oh well...at least all three are in the picture!

We stopped for ice cream on the way back and then played in our room the rest of the afternoon.  I tried to get Paxton to take another nap, but he would not go to sleep.  His schedule showed that he normally only takes one nap during the day and it is after lunch, so I knew he might not take one this afternoon, but he was so tired this morning, we wanted to let him sleep then.  He did fine staying awake all afternoon though.

We went back to the Chinese restaurant near our hotel that we had been to the first night in Nanjing.  They do not speak English, but they have a special menu to make ordering easier for American's and they love the adoptive families who come through.  They brought a plate of watermelon just to be nice.  Paxton ate some weird soup that they had brought out for the kids.  He ate fried rice, sweet and sour pork, and watermelon.  He loved all of it!

We came back to the hotel and got ready for bed.  I tried to give him his bottle, but he will not take it.  We asked the nannies about it today and they said I needed to serve it hotter, so I did, but he still won't take it.  He will take water from the bottle without any problem, so the bottle itself is not the problem.  He only takes one bottle a day anyway, so it won't hurt to give it up, but I want to try to keep things normal for him for a little while.  We will ask some more questions about how I'm preparing it tomorrow when we visit the orphanage.  Soon we will transition him to whole milk anyway.

Paxton is the sweetest, happiest baby!  He rarely fusses and seems to be attaching well to both Jeremy and me.  But, he does seem to have a slight preference for me.  This is exactly what we hoped and prayed for since I will be the one with him most of the time when Jeremy goes back to work.  But, Daddy can make him laugh like none other!  His laugh is so sweet and his smile is contagious!

I cannot wait for each of you to meet our sweet boy!

Pray for us tomorrow.  We will leave at 7:30 a.m. to drive 4 hours north to his orphanage.  His orphanage is in a city called Lianyungang.  We will tour the orphanage and have lunch there before making the trip back.  We are excited to see where Paxton has lived for the first 12 1/2 months of his life and to meet the people who loved and cared for him.  We did find out that he has been living with foster parents at the orphanage for the past few months since his lip surgeries.  Foster families at this orphanage actually live on sight and the children spend some of the day within the regular orphanage setting, but children recovering from surgeries can live with foster families in smaller environments.  His foster family had 3 foster kids.  We hope to meet the foster parents, but I don't know if we will. 

Please pray that the trip will be safe.  Please pray that Connor, Kyle, and Paxton will do well during the long day of travel. And, pray for Paxton.  Pray that he will attach to us deeper after realizing that although we are going for a visit, we are keeping him with us when we leave.  This visit is important for us to understand where he has come from and for us to give him more of his story when he is older.  Pray that we learn as much as we can from this visit about him.

Thank you all for your love, support, and sweet words of encouragement!

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Leo Shao said...

Jeremy! This is Leo, friend back at Club Car! I am in Shanghai right now for an international assignment. So glad that the adoption of Paxton goes well! My cell is 158-2153-9537. Give me a ring if you stop by at Shanghai or need a local to help out anything. All the best, Leo