Wednesday, August 5, 2015

First Day of School

Somewhere along the way, we skipped a year or two or three because somehow, we went from starting Connor in K3 with Mrs. Head just a year or two ago to taking him to his first day of SECOND GRADE!  How did that happen?  My only explanation is that we must have skipped a year or two or three!
And, Kyle...he isn't supposed to be in K4 already!?  What happened!?
Today was the first day of school I know...isn't it still summer?!  It was 100 degrees today!  Somehow, we all made it out the door and I got two of my babies off to their first day of school (on time!) this morning.  But, before we left, I, of course, HAD to get a few "first day of school" photos!

I was struggling to get a smile from Paxton and Kyle, so I tried singing.  I sang "Happy first day of school to you" to the tune of "Happy Birthday" and Paxton started clapping and swaying!  He loves that song!

How did he get so big!?

I have no idea why his hands are up, but he wouldn't put them down for a picture.  Typical Kyle!

Kyle and his K4 teacher, Mrs. May!

They both had a great day at school!

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