Wednesday, August 12, 2015

One Month

We have been a family of five for one month!  Wow!  In some ways, I cannot believe that it has already been a month.  It has flown by!  But, in other ways, I feel like this is just the norm and that Paxton has been a part of our family forever!
One month ago, we took a nervous little boy into our arms and started showing him a forever kind of love.  I know that he was loved at the orphanage and by his foster parents, as well as by his birth parents, but he is finally experiencing the love of a forever family. 
Paxton has changed a lot over the past month.  He shows his sweet, funny, happy personality every single day.  He is no longer nervous with us.  He is so comfortable with us.  He seems to be attaching well to us and we have definitely attached to him!  He is so much stronger than he was on that first day one month ago.  We kept saying that he was so floppy, but after only a week or two, he was so much stronger.  During the first few days, he would flop over often from sitting position, but he never really does that now.  His torso is stronger when we carry him and he holds on to us when we hold him in our arms.  His hair is longer and I think he has gained a little bit of weight.
Everyone keeps asking me, "So, how's it going?"  And I keep saying that it is going so well!  We really have had a "best case scenario" experience so far.  Paxton is attaching well.  Connor and Kyle have done so well with him and with all of the changes that happen when you add a new family member.  Paxton is a happy baby!  But, we do have hard days.  Adjusting to life with three kids is difficult.  Learning to juggle three kids and their needs is definitely hard.  The 4-6 p.m. timeframe has always been harder, even when Connor was a baby, but it is especially hard now.  Between everyone being tired, homework, hungry kids, and fixing dinner, the pre-dinner hours often result in someone in tears.  Dinner prep is especially difficult lately because of Paxton.  Not only does Paxton want one of us to be close at all times (which we are thankful for), but seeing food prep means he wants to eat the uncooked food!  Even if I give him a snack, he wants the food I'm trying to cook or prep.  Being in the kitchen while I cook is just hard for him.  And, he really wants to be within a foot or two of us most of the time, not just in the same room, so he won't play a few feet away or jump in the jump-a-roo unless I am right there with him.  We've definitely been eating dinner a little later than normal, because I'm usually barely getting it started when Jeremy gets home, so that he can take Paxton while I cook.  But, it is working and we are making it through that time fine.  Some days are easier than others, but we are really doing well.  Adding the third child to the mix is definitely a game-changer, but we are slowly figuring out how to do this!
We've seen very little jealousy from Paxton or Connor and Kyle.  If Paxton sees Connor or Kyle sitting in our laps, he will crawl over and sit in our laps with us, but he doesn't push them out.  He just wants to be included.  He really has such a great time with Connor and Kyle and already seems to love them so much!  Connor and Kyle have just done so well!  They are such great big brothers!  I was really worried about how Kyle would do, but he has been such a great big brother and he is just loving his new role!  Connor is doing great, too, and just loves Paxton so much!  Every now and then, I've seen a moment of jealousy from Kyle, but he is never mean to Paxton.  Mainly, he just wants a little bit of extra attention sometimes, which I am happy to give to him if he needs it!  He really loves and watches out for Paxton in a way I never expected from him.  Both boys are so excited to see Paxton in the morning or after school and they love to try to make him smile and laugh.  All three are so blessed to have each other!
One month together has been so wonderful for every single one of us.  We are so thankful for Paxton and we have been so blessed to be able to adopt him.  We really did get the best kid in China!
Our trip to China was so amazing.  We miss it!  We created a video of our photos and videos as a keepsake for us and for Paxton.  We hope you enjoy it!  Make sure your volume is on so that you can hear the music.  (Warning:  It is almost 15 minutes long!).
Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us, encouraged us, supported us, and given to us.  We are so thankful for a wonderful support system of friends and family!
Happy One Month!

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