Sunday, August 2, 2015

One Week Home

We have been home for one week (plus two days)!  We have had a really good week at home adjusting to real life as a family of five.  Jeremy went back to work on Monday.  We all struggled with jet lag.  Some days were better than others and we never all seemed to be at the same place with jet lag, but I think we are doing well now.
We have been out and about a little bit, but mostly, we have stayed around home to get Paxton familiar with life in our home.  Next week is the start of school, including two open houses, so we will be out and about a lot more next week.  Overall, Paxton is doing really well.  He seems to be adjusting well to life in a family.  I really believe that his experience with the foster family at the orphanage has helped him to adjust better to life with us.

I took the boys swimming one morning for an hour and we went swimming one evening.  Paxton really loves the water!

Playing under the kitchen table!

Swinging is definitely a FAVORITE activity!  And, Kyle was having fun pushing him for awhile.

I LOVE this picture!

Paxton let me actually put him down on the grass!  But, he would not look up for a picture!  He was too busy picking up the pine straw and trying to eat the pine straw!

And, he was DONE here!

Another favorite picture!

Paxton loves Jeremy's hat and he loves to wear it!  Isn't he a cute future Auburn tiger!?

We have Open House at Connor's school on Monday night and Open House at Kyle's school on Tuesday morning.  Then, school starts on Wednesday.  I'm not looking forward to the boys starting school at all, but it will be good to get on a good routine now.
Pray for Paxton on Wednesday.  I plan to take him to the hospital to have his bloodwork done after I drop Kyle off at school that day.  I feel so bad for him and hate that he has to have it done, but we need to get it done whether we like it or not.
We hope you have a great week!

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Mrs. Filly said...

His hair has grown since I last saw him!!! I feel like it's been way too
Long and it's only been a week and three days!! I miss Yall! I miss his
Smile! I miss his
Hair!!! I miss AM and P jabbering to each other!!! Love
These pictures!!!