Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weekend Fun

On Friday night, we ate Chinese take-out with our new chopsticks that we had bought in China.  Then, we headed to Brusters for some "We Survived the First Week of School" ice cream!  Beth and Jonathan and the kids met us there, so the big kids had a good time running around!  Paxton has not been a big fan of ice cream, but he is starting to be interested in it more and more.  That night, he would put his tongue on my ice cream and make a face, but he kept coming back for more.  However, if he got more than a little taste, he would spit it out!  The cold and the texture are so foreign to him!

Saturday afternoon, we headed to the pool.  Our friends, the Janiks, happened to be there, so the kids all had a good time playing.  Paxton really loves the pool, but he wants to be held the whole time.  He does not want to be put in the float that we bought for him.  But, he sure loves splashing and playing in the water!
Today, Sunday, we all made it to church for the first time since June!!  Jeremy has gone the last two Sundays so that he could teach his youth, but I stayed home with the boys.  One Sunday, we had barely been home for 24 hours, so we stayed home and the next Sunday, Kyle had a fever and I had pink eye, so we stayed home.  We were so glad to get to go and I loved introducing Paxton to my youth (they are now 8th graders!).  He stayed with us during small groups and went to the service with us.  He liked the music and even clapped and swayed some with the music.  He was really cute!  We will keep him with us for awhile, but thankfully, my 8th graders now get to meet in an area that has several couches in a circle, so he can just crawl on the floor while we do our lessons!  During the service, we just stayed for the worship music.  Next week, I think I will walk out after the music and take him to the Mother's Room to try to get him to go to sleep, so that Jeremy and Connor can stay for the sermon.  We will slowly figure out our church routine with him!
This afternoon, I took Paxton outside for a few minutes so that Jeremy could have some two-on-one time with Connor and Kyle without Paxton climbing on him.  He loves the swing!
I also got him to sit on the grass for a few minutes for a few pictures!

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Happy face and those curled toes!! So great!!! Also
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